Big Boat Names
BIG Boat Names

So, you’ve just purchased a big boat and would now to a name. There are two ways in which you can go. First, you could pick a name a literal “big boat name” that directly emphasizes the size of your big boat, such as “Goliath” or “Titan”.

Or you could be more tongue-in-cheek and give your big boat an ironic or funny name, such as “Tiny” or “Lilliput”.

We’re going to give you both options.

25 Big Boat Names: Literally Named

Here are 25 big boat names that can emphasize the large size of your boat:

  1. Leviathan
  2. Colossus
  3. Behemoth
  4. Goliath
  5. Marauder
  6. Ginormous
  7. Brigantine
  8. Titan
  9. Largess
  10. Galleon
  11. Frigate
  12. Jumbo
  13. Supremacy
  14. Monstrosity
  15. Vastness
  16. Grandeur
  17. Mammoth
  18. Majestic
  19. Herculean
  20. Gigantic
  21. Monumental
  22. Gargantuan
  23. Immensity
  24. Colossal
  25. Plus-Sized

25 Big Boat Names: Tongue-in-Cheek & Funny

Here are another 25 big boat names that can emphasize the big size of your boat with a bit of humor:

  1. Tiny
  2. Lilliput
  3. Little Fish
  4. Minnow
  5. Half Pint
  6. Pipsqueak
  7. Small Fry
  8. Nano
  9. Itty Bitty
  10. Tiddler
  11. Mini Me
  12. Diminutive
  13. Snug
  14. Midget
  15. Baby Boat
  16. Shorty
  17. Peewee
  18. Teeny Weeny
  19. Runty
  20. Pygmy
  21. Below-Average
  22. Junior
  23. Lesser
  24. Titchy
  25. Itsy Bitsy

And here’s a big boat name that is a mix of both these naming styles:

51. The Little Giant

Now you have a big list of big boat names that you can choose from. Whether you go with a literal big boat name or opt for something more tongue-in-cheek, you’ll do just fine.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!