Boat names for a Yellow Boat

If you have a yellow boat, you’re probably looking for a perfect name for it. We brainstormed and came up with a list of boat names for a yellow boat. Hopefully, you’ll find at least one from this list that you’ll like.

From bright and cheerful names such as “Lemonade Cruiser” and “Sunshine Wings” to something more mysterious such as “The Golden Sailor” or “Solar Storm”, we have a name for everyone.

In any case, a yellow boat is a boat with character and deserves a name that reflects its personality.

The Best Boat Names for a Yellow Boat

So here are 51 of the best names we could find for a yellow boat:

The last one in the 2nd list is our favorite 🙂

  1. Sunny Side Up
  2. Sunshine Splasher
  3. Lemon Jaunt
  4. Bananas Away
  5. Golden Glider
  6. Bright Beamer
  7. Sunray Sailing
  8. Buttercup Buoyancy
  9. Honey Hopper
  10. Yolk Yacht
  11. Canary Cruiser
  12. Daffodil Darter
  13. Mustard Mariner
  14. Mellow Mackerel
  15. Cheerful Champ
  16. Flaxen Flyer
  17. Lemonade Lurker
  18. Yellower Yawl
  19. Primrose Pilot
  20. Lemon Curd
  21. Golden Gulp
  22. Butterball Barge
  23. Sunbeam Skipper
  24. Sun Kiss
  25. Sunshine Licker
  26. Lemonade Cruiser
  27. Golden Sunset
  28. Sunshine Wings
  29. Golden Sailor
  30. Solar Storm
  31. Lemon Mousse
  32. Mellow Yellow
  33. Chartreuse
  34. Ochre Sea
  35. Sunburst
  36. The Canary
  37. Butterfly Boat
  38. Lemon Drop
  39. Sunny Deluxe
  40. Tangerine
  41. Golden Galleon
  42. Yellow Bird
  43. Mustard Seed
  44. Solar Sailors
  45. Gleaming Tiki
  46. Ochre Odyssey
  47. Lemon Lime
  48. Banana Splitter
  49. Yellow Jacket
  50. Lemon Chiffon
  51. Saffron Sea

And 10 more Lemon-themed boat names for a yellow boat:

  1. Lemon Meringue
  2. Lemon Twist
  3. Lemon Drop
  4. Lemon Zest
  5. Lemon Tart
  6. Lemon Sherbet
  7. Lemon Pie
  8. Lemon Custard
  9. Lemonade Stand
  10. Limoncello 🙂

Hope you like one of these. Feel free to mix and match and make your own name.

Happy Sailing!