Boat Names for Cops and Law Enforcement Officials
Boat Names for Cops and Law Enforcement Officials

When it comes to boat names, law enforcement officials have a unique set of requirements. They need boat names that are professional and represent the authority they hold while on patrol.  

Whether you’re in charge of naming a boat for your local police force or just looking for some great ideas for your own boat, we’ve compiled a list of boat names for cops and other law enforcement personnel. 

From puns to clever wordplay, check out our selection of boat names below to find one that fits both the look and spirit of your vessel! 

31 Boat Names For Cops and Law Enforcement Officials 

Here are boat names that can work for police officers currently serving in the force as well as for retired police officers.  

  1. Good Cop Boat 
  2. Blue Line Cruiser 
  3. H.M.S. Justice  
  4. Code Blue Waters  
  5. SOS Response Team 
  6. Harbor Master  
  7. Sea Patrol  
  8. Catch of the Day  
  9. Captain’s Choice  
  10. The Beat  
  11. Rescue Team 
  12. Enforcer on the High Seas  
  13. Safe Harbor Patrol  
  14. Guardian of the Harbor  
  15. Justice Prevails 
  16. Voyage of Vigilance  
  17. The Finest 
  18. Law & Order 
  19. Officer on Deck 
  20. Siren’s Call  
  21. Sheriff’s Pride  
  22. Watchmen  
  23. Peace Keeper  
  24. The Sheriff 
  25. Speeding Bullet  
  26. Courage 
  27. Badge of Honor  
  28. The Chief  
  29. The Blue Badge 
  30. Duty and Honor 
  31. Justice Delivered 

We hope that this list of boat names for cops and law enforcement officials has provided you with some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.  

Free feel to mix and match from the above list and make your own boat name to reflect the brave men and women who serve our system of justice. Thank you all for your service and for keeping us safe! 

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!