Boat Names for Dentists
Boat Names for Dentists

While this article is about boat names for dentists, it’s really more than just a list of names. We would like your passion for dentistry and for fixing people’s teeth to reflect in your boat’s name and let it be a celebration of your dedication and hard work.

Let your boat name show your pride in being a dentist and make it special to you. Whether you choose one of the names below or create your own, have fun and enjoy the ride!

85 Ideal Boat Names for Dentists

Our team brainstormed boat names for dentists and came up with a wide range of names. We showed the list to some dentists we know and based on their feedback, we curated these 101 dentist boat names for you.

Here are some funny boat names for dentists:

  1. The Tooth Fairy 
  2.  Grin & Bear It 
  3.  Floss Boss 
  4.  Brush Rush 
  5.  Minty Fresh 
  6.  Cavity Crusader 
  7.  Oral Overdrive  
  8.  Molar Express 
  9.  Dental Delight  
  10.  Bite Me 

Here are some serious dentist boat names:

  1. Perfect Smile  
  2. Prosthodontic Power 
  3. Dental Dexterity  
  4. Tooth Surfers 
  5. Orthodontic Odyssey 
  6. Molar Maverick  
  7. Denture Dynamics  
  8. Smile Starters 
  9. The Root Canal Express 
  10. Clean & Clear  

And then some more generic boat names for dentists based on general dentistry and oral health terminology:

  1. The Tooth Some
  2. Bridge Keeper
  3. Floss Boss
  4. Chomper Chopper
  5. Dentist on Demand
  6. Smile Maker
  7. Shiny & White
  8. Grin and Bear It
  9.  Cavity Creations 
  10.  Painless Passage 
  11.  Plaque Attacker 
  12.  Root Canal Retreat 
  13.  Fill n’ Chill  
  14.  Straight to the Point  
  15.  Brushing Up On Fun  
  16.  Teeth of the Sea  
  17.  Dental Drifters  
  18. Private Flossession
  19. Tooth Fairy Floater 
  20.  Chompers on the Ocean  
  21.  Pretty In Porcelain  
  22.  Brush Aweigh!  
  23.  Flossy Bossy  
  24.  The Dentist’s Delight  
  25.  Jawesome Journey
  26.  Toothless Wonder
  27.  Smile Maker
  28.  Floss Boss
  29.  Drill Thrill
  30.  Cap it Off 
  31.  Biting Wind 
  32.  Root Canal Rambler 
  33.  Just Brush It 
  34.  Brace Yourself 
  35.  Enamel Express  
  36.  The Crown Jewel 
  37.  Piercing Pointe  
  38.  Buccal Blaster  
  39.  Molar Motive  
  40.  Obturator Odyssey  
  41.  Gingiva Gambol  
  42. Cavity Cruiser
  43. The Enlightener
  44. Gumdrops Galore
  45. Molar Maniacs
  46. Root Canal Racer
  47. Chompers Charters
  48. Plaque Attacker
  49. Fill ‘Em Up!
  50. Dental Dream
  51. Toothsome Treks
  52. Bridgework Boating
  53. Bite Back
  54. Floss Finder
  55. Toothing Tourist
  56. Dental Drill
  57. Tooth Fairy
  58. Tooth Taxidermy
  59. Crown Jewels
  60. Cavity Creations
  61. Molar Madness
  62. Fill ‘er Up
  63. Dr. Smile’s Ark
  64. The Teeth Cleaner
  65. Tartar Control

No matter which dentist boat name you choose, make sure it reflects your passion for dentistry and your dedication to making people smile!

And if none of the above hit the mark, try out our list of boat names for doctors. Maybe there’s something there you will like or perhaps you can mix and match and make your own.

If you’d like, take a look at some of the boat names for other professions for further inspiration.

Happy Boat Naming


Happy Sailing!