Boat Names For Golfers
Boat Names For Golfers

If you’re a golfer and sailor, why not combine your two passions with some creative boat naming?

Boat names for golfers can be funny, descriptive, or just plain clever. From inspired puns to golf-themed phrases, we’ve rounded up our favorite golf-related boat names that can express your love of golf.

So grab a club and get ready to tee off with these creative and clever boat names for golfers.

21 Creative Boat Names For Golfers

Here are golf-related boat names that can swing it on the sea:

  1. Birdie Boat
  2. Caddy Cruiser
  3. Putter Party
  4. Green Machine
  5. Hole in One Bayou
  6. Swing Set Sail
  7. Sand Trap Navigator
  8. Par-fection
  9. Golfin’ with Wind
  10. Fairway to Heaven
  11. Bogey Bay
  12. Ace of the Sea
  13. Foreward Sailor
  14. Par 4 Progress
  15. Boats-n-Strokes
  16. Hole in Won
  17. Golf Getaway
  18. Cool Clubs Cruise
  19. Forecast Fairway
  20. Back Nine Blues
  21. The 19th Hole

No matter if you’re out at sea or on the course, you can now show your love for golf everywhere you go by christening your boat with one of these boat names for made just for golfers.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!