Bourbon Boat Names
Bourbon Boat Names

An unforgettable day on the water is calling your name. What better way to set off for a fun time on the water than with a good bourbon drink in hand?

And while you’re at it, how about picking a boat name inspired by your favorite bourbon? Let these bourbon boat names help make your next outing one that will be remembered!

31 Bourbon Boat Names For A Spiked Adventure

Here are some of our favorite bourbon-inspired boat names:

  1. Mint Julep
  2. Aged at Sea
  3. Old Whiskey River
  4. Admiral’s Barrel
  5. Jim Beam Dreamin’
  6. Whiskey River
  7. Barrel Rider
  8. Bourbon Bliss
  9. Rye Whiskey
  10. Mash Maker
  11. Kentucky Belle
  12. Oak Barrel
  13. Distiller’s Dream
  14. Rye Runner
  15. Bourbon Voyager
  16. Barrel Barge
  17. Charred Oak
  18. Barrel Baron
  19. Bourbon Queen
  20. Whiskey Wave
  21. Barrel Beauty
  22. Bourbon Voyager
  23. River Rye
  24. Bourbon Navigator
  25. Southern Sipper
  26. Bourbon Bliss
  27. Whiskey Maiden
  28. Bourbon Trail
  29. Spirit of Rye
  30. Aged to Perfection
  31. River Bourbon

No matter what you choose, these bourbon boat names are sure to set the tone for a great day on the water! A good drink and a memorable name will make any journey even more special.

You may also enjoy reading our list of alcohol related boat names as these too might give you some inspiration.

So pick your favorite moniker and raise your glass to a fun-filled adventure!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!