Catholic Bowling Team Names
Catholic Bowling Team Names

Praying to win or playing to win? Why not both?

Make a team statement while participating in the exciting sport of bowling using unique Catholic bowling team names!

These Catholic-themed bowling team names can be tailored to reflect common Catholic symbols, patron saints, Catholic holiday celebrations, and even Catholic themes such as Catholic charity initiatives or Catholic education foundations.

Whether you’re looking for something humorous, reverent, or just plain clever, there’s a bunch of bowling team names that will convey the message of your faith.

31 Amusing Catholic Bowling Team Names

Be proud of your faith with these Catholic bowling team names:

  1. Strike Angels
  2. Church Rollers
  3. Heavenly Bowlers
  4. Pray & Play-ers
  5. Holy Pin Crushers
  6. Divine Bowlers
  7. Holiest of Strikes
  8. Soulful Spares
  9. Saints in the Pins
  10. Apostles of the Alley
  11. Heaven’s Bowling Angels
  12. Rollin’ in the Heavens
  13. Strikers of Faith
  14. Holy Rollers
  15. The Sacred Play
  16. The Ten Pin Crusaders
  17. Heavenly Strikes
  18. Miracle Makers
  19. Church Shots
  20. Divine Spares
  21. The Will of Pins
  22. Blessed Bowlers
  23. Saints in the Lane
  24. Divine Benefactors
  25. Angelic Alleys
  26. Sacred Sliders
  27. Faithful Bowling
  28. The Miracle Alley
  29. Divine Lane
  30. Blessed Pins
  31. Heaven in the Alley

With our list of Catholic-inspired ideas, you can easily find the perfect combination of puns and references for Catholic bowling team names that are fitting for your team.