Crazy Boat Names
Crazy Boat Names

Looking for an eye-catching name for your boat? Whether you’re sailing the seas or just out on a lake, having a unique and memorable boat name is essential. After all, it’s how you identify yourself while on the water.

In this article, we gathered some crazy boat names we could find. So get ready to set sail with these one-of-a-kind ideas!

21 Crazy Boat Names For A Wild Adventure

Here are some boat names that to show your crazy sailing spirit:

  1. Loony Tunes
  2. Nuts & Bolts
  3. Insane-o
  4. Wild Waters
  5. Madness Afloat
  6. Bonkers Boat
  7. Wacky Waves
  8. Crazy Currents
  9. Batty Boat
  10. Mad Mariner
  11. Lunatic Liner
  12. Whacko Watercraft
  13. Nutso Nautica
  14. Berserk Buoy
  15. Cuckoo Cruiser
  16. Nutcase Navigator
  17. Freaky Ferry
  18. Wildcat Watercraft
  19. Bizarre Barge
  20. Outrageous Oar
  21. Frenzied Float

We hope this list of crazy boat names gave you inspiration for your watercraft’s moniker. Have fun on your wild sailing adventures with your boat’s new name! Enjoy the waves and stay safe out there.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!