Evil Boat Names
Evil Boat Names

Are you looking for a boat name that can reflect the dark and mysterious nature of the deep waters and rock everyone else’s ship with fear? Why not get yourself a wicked and downright sinister boat name?

Read on for a list of evil boat names that will have other sailors trembling with awe!

41 Wickedly Evil Boat Names

  1. Ghost Ship
  2. The Kraken
  3. Grim Reaper
  4. Devil’s Wake
  5. Cursed Sails
  6. Wicked Wind
  7. Shadow Chaser
  8. Sea Witch
  9. Cursed Reaver
  10. Erebus
  11. Dark Majesty
  12. Midnight Howler
  13. Crimson Curse
  14. Infernal Dragon
  15. Reaper of Souls
  16. Phantom Corsair
  17. Demon’s Fury
  18. Maleficarum
  19. Sinister Coast
  20. Dread Shark
  21. Noxious Nemesis
  22. Fearmonger
  23. Ghoul Ship
  24. Night Queen
  25. Soul Stalker
  26. Sinful Star
  27. Malevolent Tide
  28. Evil Lady
  29. Ravager
  30. Rogue Raider
  31. Siren Destroyer
  32. Vengeful Vortex
  33. The Hex
  34. Corrupted Vessel
  35. Bitter End
  36. Wicked Wave
  37. Voodoo Curse
  38. Death Ship
  39. Demonic Vessel
  40. Plaguebringer
  41. Devil’s Ark

Whether you’re looking for a foreboding name for your vessel or just want to intimidate those at sea, these evil boat names can give you just that.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!