Expensive Boat Names
Expensive Boat Names

If you’re looking to make a statement with your watercraft, then nothing says luxury quite like an expensive boat name.

Whether you’re searching for something classic and timeless or something modern and unique, these expensive boat names will give your vessel an air of opulence that can only come from the most exclusive marinas in the world.

51 Expensive Boat Names For A Fancy Voyage

Here are some of the most expensive boat names money can buy:

  1. Serenity Yacht
  2. Oceanus Maximus
  3. The Admiral’s Pride
  4. Luxuria
  5. The Grandeur
  6. Majestic Mariner
  7. Sovereign Sea
  8. Neptune’s Glory
  9. Elite Cruiser
  10. Regal Vessel
  11. Noble Captain
  12. Exquisite Explorer
  13. Prestigious Pontoon
  14. Royal Clipper
  15. Supreme Sailboat
  16. Luxe Liner
  17. Platinum Pearl
  18. Elite Escort
  19. Majestic Monarch
  20. Opulent Odyssey
  21. Imperial Cruiser
  22. Serene Seafarer
  23. Splendid Sailor
  24. High Seas Haven
  25. Grand Galleon
  26. Divine Dolphin
  27. Royal Ride
  28. Luxe Lagoon
  29. Opulent Oceanliner
  30. Majestic Mansion
  31. Prestigious Prowler
  32. Regal Runner
  33. Elegant Escape
  34. Golden Gondola
  35. Platinum Pinnacle
  36. Diamond Dinghy
  37. Elite Endeavour
  38. Supreme Schooner
  39. Sophisticated Skipper
  40. Classic Cruiser
  41. Timeless Trawler
  42. Prestige Pontoon
  43. Noble Navigator
  44. Exquisite Expedition
  45. Majestic Motorboat
  46. Lavish Launch
  47. Platinum Paddleboat
  48. Elite Enterprise
  49. Regal Raft
  50. Royal Runabout
  51. Opulent Outrigger

Whether you’re looking for something classic and timeless or modern and unique, these 51 expensive boat names have been carefully crafted to give a sense of grandeur that fits your extravagant vessel.

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