Food Boat Names
Food Boat Names

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to name your new boat? Why not take inspiration from the food industry?

Whether you want to evoke everyone’s favorite dish or you’re a chef looking to bestow a moniker for your vessel, these food boat names can surely make it extra special!

31 Sea-licious Food Boat Names

Here are some of our favorite food boat names:

  1. Sushi Sea
  2. Clam Cruiser
  3. Chowder Chaser
  4. Doughnut Dinghy
  5. Fortune Fish
  6. Gummy Galleon
  7. Haddock Hunter
  8. Ice Cream Islander
  9. Jellyfish Jaunt
  10. Kelp King
  11. Lobster Launch
  12. Mackerel Mariner
  13. Noodle Navigator
  14. Oyster Odyssey
  15. Pierogi Pirate
  16. Quiche Quest
  17. Ravioli Raft
  18. Salmon Sailor
  19. Tuna Transport
  20. Waffle Watercraft
  21. Xtra Cheesy Explorer
  22. Yogurt Yacht
  23. Anchovy Ark
  24. Bagel Boat
  25. Cheddar Craft
  26. Egg Roll Express
  27. Jambalaya Jetty
  28. Pie Party Barge
  29. Rice Rocket
  30. Taco Trekker
  31. Wonton Wanderer

20 Boat Names Related To The Food Industry

Here are some boat names that are related to the food industry:

  1. Captain’s Catch
  2. Foodie Floats
  3. Boat Nosh & Drinks
  4. Bites at Sea
  5. Cruisin’ Cuisine
  6. Aquatic Appetizers
  7. Tastebud Tugs
  8. Savory Shores
  9. Cookin’ Coasters
  10. Saltwater Supper Club
  11. Flavorful Flotilla
  12. Munch-A-Boat
  13. Dishin’ Deckhands
  14. Gourmet Getaways
  15. Tasty Tours
  16. Chef’s Choice Charters
  17. Culinary Cruises
  18. Gourmet Galley
  19. Water Treats
  20. Feastin’ Ferries

We hope you enjoyed this list of food boat names. No matter the type of food you like, there is a boat name to fit!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!