Fun Boat Names
Fun Boat Names

Are you looking for fun boat names to reflect your unique sense of humor?

Whether you’re searching for a funny name for your fishing boat, party boat, yacht, or just for any boat, you’ve come to the right place!

We gathered some of the most creative boat names that can surely make your vessel the center of fun!

31 Fun Boat Names

Here are some playful boat names that you can choose from:

  1. The S.S. Unsinkable
  2. Searious Business
  3. The Seaduction
  4. Making Waves
  5. Mermaid Chaser
  6. The Nauti-Bus
  7. Sea-sational
  8. Cast Off!
  9. Floating Palace
  10. Saltwater Adventures
  11. Sea La Vie
  12. Tiki Too
  13. Seas the Day
  14. What’s Up Dock
  15. Ocean Idol
  16. Floating Nirvana
  17. Splash Dance
  18. Heavenly Sails
  19. Buoy Oh Buoy!
  20. Port of Call
  21. Shipshape
  22. Salty Seadog
  23. Nautical But Nice
  24. Float Your Boat
  25. All Aboard!
  26. Full Steam Ahead
  27. Sea-zing!
  28. Just Cruisin’
  29. Boat-iful Dreamer
  30. Yacht Rockers
  31. Oar-some Adventures

We hope you enjoyed our list of fun boat names. You can also combine a couple of names from the list to come up with something of your own that can perfectly show off your sailing enthusiasm.

You may also enjoy your list of fun boat names with the word “sea” in them.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!