Funny Police Car Names
Funny Police Car Names

Everyone knows that police officers have jobs to do, but sometimes they need to enjoy a laugh too! One good way is to think of funny police car names to name their rides. From the quirky and silly to the downright outrageous, these names will surely have you in stitches.

If you are also looking for a fun and creative name for your vehicle or just some comedic entertainment, this list of funny police car names has it all. Also, if you’re feeling creative then why not come up with your own unique name.

After all, as long as it’s light-hearted and doesn’t contain any offensive language there’s no reason why it shouldn’t make the cut. Let’s get laughing with these funny police-inspired car names.

75 Funny Police Car Names That’ll Make You Chuckle

Here are some funny police car names are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face:

  1. License to Speed
  2. Donut Patrol
  3. The Enforcer
  4. Sheriff’s Wheels of Justice
  5. Copsicle
  6. Criminal Intent
  7. Traffic Thrasher
  8. Street Sweeper
  9. Just-Ice Car
  10. Police Interceptor
  11. Prowler Guardian
  12. Watchdog Cruiser
  13. Smokescreen Chariot
  14. Perp Chaser
  15. Highway Hawk
  16. High way Hero
  17. Bootlegger Buster
  18. The Vigilante
  19. Captain Courageous
  20. Bustin’ Bad Guys
  21. Blue Steel
  22. Star of the Show
  23. Major Law Breaker
  24. Stripes on the Road
  25. Heatseeker
  26. Arrestmobile
  27. Deputy Dawg
  28. Dragnet Driver
  29. Officer Friendly
  30. Ruff Riderz
  31. Street Trooper
  32. Lawman Muscles
  33. Getaway Crusher
  34. Nighthawk Pursuit
  35. Zero Tolerance
  36. Tracker
  37. City Guardian
  38. Beatboxer
  39. Lone Ranger
  40. Iron Curtain
  41. Blockbuster Bus
  42. Roaring Squadcar
  43. Bulldozer Blaster
  44. Peacekeeper
  45. Handcuff Hustler
  46. Convict Catcher
  47. Chase Vehicle
  48. Night Stalker
  49. Crime Fighter
  50. Mach Police
  51. Criminal Crusher
  52. The Enforcer
  53. Hot Pursuit
  54. Dragnet Detective
  55. Deputy Dawg Cruiser
  56. Badge of Honor
  57. Duty Master
  58. Guardian Angel
  59. Justice Runner
  60. Law and Order
  61. Firewall Security
  62. Peacekeeper
  63. Speed Bump
  64. Easy Rider
  65. Midnight Marauder
  66. Punisher
  67. Licensed to Thrill
  68. Badge of Valor
  69. True Blue
  70. Obey Trooper
  71. The Protector
  72. Thunder Chief
  73. Sheriff’s Guardian
  74. High Speed Chase
  75. Highway Patrolman

With this comprehensive list of funny police car names, you’ll have plenty of ideas to make your next ride sound like a real cop car. Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, these humorous and light-hearted titles will surely get some laughs.

If you’re feeling creative then why not come up with your own unique name – just remember that all jokes should be in good taste, so no offensive language please. So go ahead and give one of these hilarious police car names a try – they’ll add an extra bit of fun to any journey.