Golf-Related Boat Names
Golf-Related Boat Names

Are you a golfer who enjoys sailing at the same time? Why not combine your two hobbies and pick a golf-themed boat name?

We’ve compiled some fun monikers that are sure to make an impression. If you’re looking for a moniker that expresses your love of the sport while spending time out in the open water, these golf-related boat names can provide the perfect inspiration.

So grab your clubs and swing through the list below!

21 Fun Golf-Related Boat Names

Here are some golf-themed boat names:

  1. The Right Hook
  2. Driving Range
  3. Hole in One
  4. Iron Swing
  5. Happy Putter
  6. Par Tee Time
  7. Playful Fore
  8. Fairway Cruise
  9. The Caddy
  10. Chip Shot Ship
  11. Ace Adventure
  12. The Clubhouse Cruiser
  13. Mulligans On Board
  14. The Putting Pontoon
  15. Golf Ball Galley
  16. Green Machine
  17. Power Fade
  18. Fore On Water
  19. The 19th Hole
  20. Par Pinnacle
  21. Swing Sailer

We hope this list of golf-related boat names inspired you to create the perfect moniker for your seafaring vessel. These monikers are sure to make you feel like you’ve sunk an eagle on the high seas.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!