HillBilly Boat Names
HillBilly Boat Names

Are you a child of the South who loves to go out on the open water? Well, why not give your boat a fitting name with some good old-fashioned Southern charm?

Here is our list of 31 hillbilly boat names that can make you and your boating buddies smile.

21 Amusing Hillbilly Boat Names

Here are 21 unique boat names with hillbilly inspiration:

  1. Gettin’ Loopy
  2. Pollywoggin’ in Podunk
  3. The Good Ole Boat
  4. Ain’t Afloat Yet
  5. Old Country Tub
  6. Gotta Keep Floatin’
  7. Catch My Drift
  8. Lunker Catcher
  9. Coot’s Cruise
  10. Hee Haw
  11. Old Hickory
  12. Hillbilly Heaven
  13. Skipper’s Sail
  14. Gator Baiter
  15. Hillbilly Hooch Cruiser
  16. Backwoods Barge
  17. Redneck Retreat
  18. Swamp Queen
  19. Hillbilly Hijinks
  20. Honky Tonk
  21. Hillbilly Hauler

Hopefully, these hillbilly boat names will help get your creative juices flowing. You may also want to take a look at our list of Southern boat names for further inspiration.

So, grab your fishing poles and life jackets! It’s time to hit the waves.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!