Jamaican Boat Names
Jamaican Boat Names

From fishing canoes to majestic pirate ships, boats have been an integral part of the culture and history of Jamaica. Whether it be for transportation or pleasure, Jamaicans have had a long-standing affinity for boats.  

While the names of Jamaican boats may not be as popularly known, they are still quite unique and characteristic of Jamaican culture.  

31 Jamaican Boat Names (To Celebrate Jamaican Maritime Culture) 

Here is a list of Jamaican boat names with their respective meanings:  

  1. Mista-Man – A boat captain who is always joking around. 
  2. Ketch ‘em Back – When a jig or song has been successfully performed on board a vessel. 
  3. Gallivant – An old Jamaican term meaning to move from place to place in search of adventure. 
  4. Ride the Tide – When a boat is being carried along by a strong current or wave. 
  5. Sailing High Seas – When a boat embarks on an adventurous journey on the open ocean.  
  6. Rollin’ the Waves – When a boat is swaying in the waves. 
  7. Reelin’ the Reefs – When a boat is maneuvering its way around coral reefs or shoals. 
  8. Putt-Puttin’ – When a boat’s engine is making a characteristic put-put sound. 
  9. Whitecap – When a boat encounters large ocean swells and whitecaps can be seen on the water’s surface. 
  10. High Seas Stomper – When a boat is traveling at high speed across the open ocean. 
  11. Rollin’ on the Rivers – When a boat is traveling downstream along a river. 
  12. Rippin’ the Rangers – When a boat is traveling at high speed through narrow channels or tight turns. 
  13. Quick About-Face – When a boat makes a quick turn in the opposite direction. 
  14. Bow Wave – A jocular term for when a boat is traveling at high speed and a large wave is formed in its wake.  
  15. King’s Boat – The most powerful vessel in the fleet.  
  16. Anchor Aweigh – When the boat is ready to set sail and leave port.  
  17. Meandering Passage – When a boat is slowly making its way through narrow channels or tight turns.  
  18. Rollin’ with the Shrimp – When a boat is traveling slowly through shallow waters. 
  19. Cast Off – When the boat is ready to leave port and set sail.  
  20. Gliding Through the Shallows – When a boat is slowly making its way through shallow waters.  
  21. Windward Journey – When a boat is traveling upwind under power or sail.  
  22. Bimini – A Jamaican jib sailboat 
  23. Jamaica Iron – A Jamaican fishing boat made of iron  
  24. Kingston – Named after the Jamaican capital city 
  25. Marley – After reggae legend Bob Marley  
  26. Palm Tree – Representing a symbol of tropical paradise and Jamaica’s lush landscape 
  27. Tuffy – A Jamaican motorboat used for transport and pleasure 
  28. Rasta Man – Named after the Jamaican Rastafarian movement  
  29. Dread Pirate – Taken from a popular Jamaican pirate legend  
  30. Aloe Vera – Representing Jamaica’s natural healing plants and resources 
  31. Rum Runner – A Jamaican rum-based cocktail  

These Jamaican boat names are not only unique but also reflective of Jamaica’s vibrant culture, history, and people.  

We hope you can find a boat name from this list and give Jamaican maritime culture the honor that it deserves.  

Happy Boat Naming  

Happy Sailing!