Kayak Boat Names
Kayak Boat Names

There’s nothing quite like taking a leisurely trip out on the water in your own kayak boat, so why not give it an equally special name?

If you’re looking for a unique and creative name for your new kayak boat, read on for a list of interesting kayak boat names to get your brain buzzing and paddles rowing!

21 Fun Kayak Boat Names

Here are some interesting boat names for a kayak:

  1. Sea-renity
  2. Paddle Buster
  3. Water Lily
  4. Drifter
  5. Wave Rider
  6. Paddle Power
  7. Tidal Trekker
  8. Ocean Oasis
  9. Tidal Tourist
  10. Ripple Rover
  11. Aqua Adventurer
  12. Water Wanderer
  13. Streamline Strider
  14. The River Runner
  15. Serene Sailor
  16. Kayak Krew
  17. River Rambler
  18. Floating Oasis
  19. Rowing Rowdy
  20. Paddlepalooza
  21. Float-tastic

Whether you’re out for a leisurely paddle or competing in a kayaking race, these boat names for kayaks will add a memorable touch to your time on the water.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!