Kid Boat Names
Kid Boat Names

If you’re taking your kids out for some water adventure, having a special name for their boat will make it all the more memorable.

To help get you started, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite boat names for kids. Have fun!

21 Cute Kid Boat Names To Sail Away With

Here are 21 boat names that your kids will love:

  1. Sea Biscuit
  2. Happy Oars
  3. Little Captain
  4. Jellyfish Joy
  5. Tiny Tug
  6. Ocean Explorer
  7. Sandy Seashell
  8. Bubble Blaster
  9. Starfish Serenade
  10. Splash Pad
  11. Mermaid Magic
  12. Dolphin Dance
  13. Ultimate Splash
  14. Sand Castle
  15. Sweetie Tweetie
  16. Starlight Sailor
  17. Captain Cutie
  18. Seashell Seeker
  19. Bubble Bath
  20. Treasure Trove
  21. Water Wings

We hope this list of kid boat names has helped you find the perfect name for your family’s fun-filled water adventures! With a cute boat name in tow, all that’s left now is deciding who will be the captain.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!