Kids Walking Team Names
Kids Walking Team Names

Getting kids to be active and have fun is a challenge for many parents and educators. Worry no more because walking is one of the best ways to do it. Whether it’s an after-school activity or part of a school program, kids can benefit from walking in groups.

If you decide to form walking teams for kids, you should think of a catchy name because with the right team’s name, kids can be motivated and excited about getting out there and exercising together! This will also give them an identity that will surely get them moving.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, why not come up with some creative and fun kids walking team names?  

35 Fun and Captivating Kids Walking Team Names

Here are 35 kids walking team names that children will love:

  1. Running Rays of Sunshine
  2. The Kid Pacers
  3. Step It Up Squad
  4. Small Steppers
  5. Footsteps of Fun
  6. Kid Striders
  7. Little Walking Rangers
  8. Long Distance Classmates
  9. Tiny Fleet Feet
  10. Quickstep Kids
  11. The Kid Jumpers
  12. Trekking Toes
  13. Kid Movers
  14. The Junior Explorers
  15. The Young Trekkers
  16. Little Trail Blazers
  17. Footloose Kids
  18. Little Steppers
  19. Youthful Wanderers
  20. Marathon Munchkins
  21. The Rolling Kids
  22. Footprints of Fun
  23. Sole Searching Children
  24. Little Wanderers
  25. Mini Marchers
  26. Junior Walkers
  27. Marching Minions
  28. Strolling Scouts
  29. Kiddie Striders
  30. Little Marching Troopers
  31. The Mighty Movers
  32. The Kiddie Tread
  33. Midget Trail Blazers
  34. The Walking Kiddos
  35. The Little Pedominators

If you’re looking for a fun and active way to get your kids moving, why not form walking teams? Naming the team is part of the excitement – come up with something creative that will have your kids pumped about their newfound activity!

Through forming these teams and encouraging one another, children can stay motivated on their shared journey. These playful monikers emphasize the joys of walking while giving the little ones an identity they can be proud to attach themselves to as they walk in groups.

35 colorful and fun kids walking team names, like The Kid Pacers, Trekking Toes, Footprints of Fun and Mini Marchers are sure to bring a smile on every child’s face!