Literary Boat Names
Literary Boat Names

Ahoy literary fanatics! Are you looking for a special way to make your boat stand out from the rest? Look no further for literary-inspired boat names.

From classics such as Moby Dick, to modern favorites like The Hunger Games, these literary boat names will have your vessel sailing with style and sophistication.

Whether you’re looking for an epic name worthy of a great white whale or something more subtle that references a favorite character or phrase, this list has plenty of options to choose from.

So cast off and set sail with one of these literary boat names!

51 Literary Boat Names

Here’s our list of 51 literary boat names based on classical and modern literature:

  1. Ahab’s Revenge
  2. Call Me Ishmael
  3. Sailing with Pride and Prejudice
  4. Odyssey on the High Seas
  5. Great Expectations
  6. The Catcher in the Boat
  7. All’s Well Afloat
  8. A Tale of Two Hulls
  9. Moby Boat
  10. Jane Eyre-me-go
  11. Swashbucklin’
  12. Treasure Island
  13. Frankenstein’s Folly
  14. Brave New Wave
  15. 1984 & Counting
  16. The Wind in the Boatsails
  17. Drifting with Dracula
  18. Young Man and the Sea
  19. Wuthering Depths
  20. A Midsummer’s Night Boat Ride
  21. Great Gatsby Galore
  22. Alice in Boatland
  23. Behold a Pale Boat
  24. The Hobbit Houseboat
  25. Nautilus of Nemo
  26. Westward Ho!
  27. Northanger Abode-yacht
  28. An American Boatroom in Paris
  29. Canterbury Tales Afloat
  30. Moby Dug’s Boat
  31. The Hunger Games Yacht
  32. All the King’s Boats
  33. A Clockwork Orange Sea
  34. Animal Boatfarm
  35. Brave New Boat World
  36. Catch-22 Marine Adventures
  37. Perelandra of the Deeps
  38. Taming of the Boat
  39. Lonesome Dove Yacht
  40. The Old Man and the Sea-craft
  41. Ulysses on the Ocean
  42. Into the Wild Waters
  43. Not War But Peace
  44. Portrait of a Boat
  45. I’m Gone with the Wind
  46. Into The Heart of Darkness
  47. Lord of the Boats
  48. The Little Boat Prince
  49. Of Mice and Men-o’ War
  50. My Adventures on a Boat
  51. Slaughterhouse Five Knots!

We hope this list of literary boat names has provided you with some inspiration to help make your vessel stand and reflect your passion for literature.

Whether it’s Moby Boat, Great Gatsby Galore or Lord of the Boats that speaks to you, there is something here for everyone! So go forth and sail with style and sophistication on a literary-inspired voyage. Bon Voyage!