Medical Bowling Team Names
Medical Bowling Team Names

Do you know where else the medical staff makes their rounds? In bowling alleys!

Bowling is not only is it a fun and low-impact way to stay active, but it also allows doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to let loose and have a little bit of fun outside of the workplace.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of witty medical bowling team names that will definitely round up more excitement within your medical team!

51 Witty Medical Bowling Team Names

Here are some medical bowling team names that will help your ward stand out on the lanes:

  1. The Lab Coats
  2. Stetho-Bowlers
  3. Medi-Strike Force
  4. The Examinators
  5. X-Ray Visionaries
  6. Pitching Prescriptions
  7. Scrubs on the Lanes
  8. Doctor Strikes Back
  9. Surgery Slayers
  10. White Coats on a Roll
  11. Spinal Tappers
  12. Lumbar Leaders
  13. Pill Poppers
  14. X-Rayers
  15. Ultrasound Upholders
  16. Stethoscope Sliders
  17. Syringe Spikers
  18. MRIs of Fury
  19. Dermatologist Dynamos
  20. Flu Warriors
  21. Vaccine Rollers
  22. MRI Magnets
  23. OTs On a Roll
  24. PT Pin Pushers
  25. Bowling Therapy
  26. Therapist Throwers
  27. Medical Menace
  28. CT Scan Crushers
  29. OR Oracles
  30. Surgeon Spinners
  31. The Injectors
  32. Hospital Warriors
  33. Nursing Ninjas
  34. Medical Mavericks
  35. Health Defenders
  36. Patient Protectors
  37. Medical Masters
  38. Medical Monarchs
  39. Medical Maestros
  40. Health Minions
  41. Health Masterminds
  42. Healthy Missionaries
  43. Healing & Rolling
  44. Hospital Avengers
  45. Clinic Magic
  46. Marvelous Doctors
  47. Medicine Lane
  48. Healing Express
  49. Life Protectors
  50. The Rollin’ Doctors
  51. Striking Surgical Suites

The world of sports and medicine may seem unrelated, but for many medical professionals, participating in sports is not only a way to stay active and healthy but also a great way to bond with colleagues.

These medical bowling team names will surely show your expert care and compassion while still having a good time!