Metal Boat Names
Metal Boat Names

Are you in search of a name for your metal boat? You’d definitely want something that reflects the sleekness of your metal boat to give it an extra special touch.

To help make this process easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best metal boat names out there.

Take a look at our top picks below!

31 Distinctive Metal Boat Names

Here is our list of names for metal boats that can give your ship an air of strength, power, and style:

  1. Iron Tide
  2. Silver Shark
  3. Titanium Wave
  4. Copper Storm
  5. Steel Ship
  6. Aluminium Anchor
  7. Tin Treasure
  8. Brass Bullet
  9. Lead Lightning
  10. Platinum Phoenix
  11. Silver Lining
  12. Ironclad
  13. Steel Wave
  14. Copperhead
  15. Titanium
  16. Brass Belle
  17. Aluminum Dream
  18. Bronze Beauty
  19. Stainless Maiden
  20. Pewter Princess
  21. The Metallica
  22. Chrome Cruiser
  23. Magnesium Magic
  24. Galvanized Glory
  25. Silver Streak
  26. Zinc Zenith
  27. Iron Voyager
  28. Platinum Pearl
  29. Chrome Champ
  30. Tin Titan
  31. Metal Marauder

We hope you enjoyed browsing through our selection of metal boat names. All that’s left now is to pick one, grab your captain’s hat, and hit the open seas!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!