Norwegian Boat Names
Norwegian Boat Names

Norway is one of the most maritime nations in the world. If you’re looking for Norwegian boat names for your new boat, why not take inspiration from their rich culture?

Whether you’re looking for a name with local flavor or something that speaks to your own Nordic heritage, Norwegian boat names can add a unique character to your vessel.

31 Norwegian Boat Names with Meanings

Here are 31 of the best boat names in Norwegian that you can take inspiration from:

  1. Ørn (Eagle)
  2. Vindens Dronning (Queen of the Wind)
  3. Torden (Thunder)
  4. Strålende (Radiant)
  5. Stjerne (Star)
  6. Soloppgang (Sunrise)
  7. Åpen Hav (Open Sea)
  8. Skjærgård (Archipelago)
  9. Regnbue (Rainbow)
  10. Ragnhild (Counsellor in Battle/Warrior)
  11. Nordlys (Northern Lights)
  12. Nysgjerrig (Curious)
  13. Odin (Norwegian God of War and Death)
  14. Norsken (The Norwegian)
  15. Nordstjernen (North Star)
  16. Måneskinn (Moonlight)
  17. Kjærlighet (Love)
  18. Isbjørn (Polar Bear)
  19. Fjelltind (Mountain Peak)
  20. Drømmen (Dream)
  21. Fjær (Feather)
  22. Hvitøya (White Island)
  23. Himmelen (The Sky)
  24. Trollmannen (Magician)
  25. Sjørøver (Pirate)
  26. Kjempe (Giant)
  27. Eventyr (Adventure)
  28. Danse med Vinden (Dance with the Wind)
  29. Bjørn (Bear)
  30. Bla Himmel (Blue Sky)
  31. Mystisk (Mysterious)

From the majestic “Ørn” to the mysterious “Mystisk”, these Norwegian boat names are sure to inspire you on your next maritime adventure.

Naming your boat with a moniker inspired by Norwegian culture can make it stand out even more. It also provides an opportunity to share and celebrate Norwegian history and language.!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!