Orange Boat Names
Orange Boat Names

Are you looking for the perfect name for your orange boat?

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite orange boat names to help inspire you and give your boat a refreshingly fruity name that stands out against the waves.

31 Zesty Orange Boat Names

Here are orange boat names for your vessel. These are based on orange the fruit and so also include fruit-themed boat names that can work well with your orange colored boat.

  1. Mandarin Mariner
  2. Tangerine Tide
  3. Clementine Cruiser
  4. Pomelo Ride
  5. Tropicana Moon
  6. Sunset Sailor
  7. Oceania Dreamer
  8. Juicy Cruise
  9. Tangerine Dream
  10. Carrot Top
  11. Citrus Splash
  12. Cantaloupe Cruise
  13. Papaya Paradise
  14. Tropical Temptation
  15. Orangeade Odyssey
  16. Naranja Navigator
  17. Apricot Adventurer
  18. Tangelo Tide
  19. Amber Lite
  20. Peach Paradise
  21. Marmalade Maiden
  22. Tangelo Treasure
  23. Persimmon Prowler
  24. Orange Outlaw
  25. Citrus Cloud
  26. Pumpkin Pie
  27. Papaya Party
  28. Carrot Catch
  29. Melon Magician
  30. Orange Oasis
  31. Tangerine Trail

20 Boat Names With “Orange”

For those who love the color orange, here is a list of boat names with the word “orange” in them:

  1. Orange Adventure
  2. Orange Mariner
  3. Orangeman
  4. Orange Crush
  5. Orange Madness
  6. Orange Popsicle
  7. Orange Dreamer
  8. Orange Eclipse
  9. Orange Lighthouse
  10. Orange Cruiser
  11. Orange Envy
  12. Orange Awe
  13. Orange Glory
  14. Orange Oasis
  15. Orange Magic
  16. Orange Breeze
  17. Orange Paradise
  18. Orange Sunrise
  19. Orange Odyssey
  20. Orange Maverick

We hope that this list of orange boat names has given you the inspiration to find a unique and creative name for your own vessel. Whether you prefer fruity, citrusy options or want something with “orange” in it, there are a lot of orange-inspired boat names you can come up with!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!