Pedal Boat Names
Pedal Boat Names

Ready to shake up your boating adventures? Pedal boats are a great way to explore the waters around you, and they’re easy to operate too.

To make sure your pedal boat is ready for its journey out onto the open water, we’ve compiled this list of fun pedal boat names that you can give it!

21 Playful Pedal Boat Names

Here are 21 names for a pedal boat to help you get started:

  1. Sun Chaser
  2. Seahorse Skipper
  3. Lady Luck
  4. Wave Runner
  5. Aquatic Explorer
  6. Tidal Trekker
  7. Happy Hour
  8. Pedal House
  9. Happy Feet
  10. Flipper Flapper
  11. Admiral Boatswain
  12. Slow & Steady
  13. Bubble Blaster
  14. Water Wing
  15. Buoy Bumper
  16. Pedal Pusher
  17. Scallywag Sailor
  18. Swimmin’ Samba
  19. Pedal Palooza
  20. Turtle Trawler
  21. Splash Dash

Naming your pedal boat is a fun and creative way to add some personality to your boating experience. We hope this list of playful pedal boat names has inspired you to name your own and set sail on a journey full of adventure!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!