Pleasure Boat Names
Pleasure Boat Names

Are you gearing to set sail on the open seas on your pleasure boat but still lack a name for it? If so, you’re in luck!

We’ve put together a list of creative pleasure boat names to help you decide on an appropriate name for your prized vessel and have you ready to hit the waves in no time.

31 Pleasure Boat Names For A Splash Of Fun

Here are 31 pleasure boat names to add a touch of excitement to your vessel:

  1. Red Rover
  2. Galley Swabber
  3. Reel EZ Breezy
  4. Island Cruiser
  5. Wind Seeker
  6. Adventurer
  7. Explorer Express
  8. Seaside Inspiration
  9. Sea-n-Sun
  10. Sail La Vie
  11. Reel Escape
  12. Dream Wanderer
  13. The Happy Hour
  14. Captain’s Choice
  15. Summer Wind
  16. Sea Joys
  17. Blue Water Breeze
  18. Seafarer’s Delight
  19. Tropical Paradise
  20. Tranquility
  21. The Getaway
  22. Treasure Seeker
  23. Wind Rush
  24. Easy Glider
  25. Aquatic Comfort
  26. Pacific Paradise
  27. Royal Escape
  28. Sail Away
  29. Far Horizons
  30. Dream Chaser
  31. Pleasure Bound

No matter your sailing style, one of these pleasure boat names is sure to capture the perfect vibe for your own seafaring adventure.

Whether you’re looking for a name that evokes a feeling of tranquility or one that celebrates the joy of being out on the open water, there’s something here for you.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!