Purple Car Names
Purple Car Names

Purple cars are not very typical but when you see one, they will surely get your attention due to their striking and gorgeous hue. With so many different shades of purple to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect hue for your next vehicle.

But what should you name it? Well that’s where this list of purple car names comes in handy! From classic favorites like “Grape Crush” to more unique options such as “Mauve Mayhem”, there is something here for everyone who loves cars – especially those with a regal shade of violet.

So take your time browsing through these delightful monikers and pick out one that speaks most directly to your heart – after all, it’s going on your brand new ride!

71 Remarkable Purple Car Names for Your Vehicle to Standout

If you are searching for just the right name or simply looking to get inspired by some creative ideas, here is a list of purple car names for you:

  1. Grape Crush
  2. Lavender Luxury
  3. Plush Plum
  4. Purple Rouge
  5. Violet Veil
  6. Magenta Majesty
  7. Amethyst Allure
  8. Indigo Illusion
  9. Mulberry Magic
  10. Orchid Oasis
  11. Mauve Mayhem
  12. Lilac Luster
  13. Garnet Glide
  14. Jade Joyride
  15. Crimson Comet
  16. Fuchsia Flight
  17. Sapphire Starlight
  18. Scarlet Slider
  19. Purpureous Prowler
  20. Steel Sashay
  21. Insignia Impulse
  22. Macabre Magnetism
  23. Tyrian Thrill
  24. Aqua Adoration
  25. Onyx Overdrive
  26. Prussian Prestige
  27. Regal Radiance
  28. Mauvian Voyage
  29. Lavish Lilac
  30. Mauve Awe
  31. Tawny Trooper
  32. Lilac Hurtle
  33. Purple Eclipse
  34. Purple Radiance
  35. Lilac Majesty
  36. Plum Cruise
  37. Lilac Sorbet
  38. Plum Passion
  39. Mauve Glide
  40. Periwinkle Cruiser
  41. Lilac Amazon
  42. Lavander Maneuver
  43. Lavender Lightning
  44. Perse Luxe
  45. Periwinkle Pursuit
  46. Tyrian Purple
  47. Hyacinth Chase
  48. Mauvian Voyage
  49. Plum Adventure
  50. Fuchsia Flyer
  51. Tyrian Thriller
  52. Eggplant Express
  53. Orchid Opulence
  54. Lavender Limousine
  55. Lilac Lord
  56. Cerise Caddy
  57. Purple Princess
  58. Mulberry Mover
  59. Indigo Illusionist
  60. Lilac Lassie
  61. Garnet Glider
  62. Purple Phantom
  63. Crimson Catapult
  64. Orchid Cruiser
  65. Lavish Lilac
  66. Azure Allure
  67. Plum Jet
  68. Mulberry Cruise
  69. Sapphire Skydiver
  70. Mauve Miracle
  71. Purple Odyssey

No matter what purple car name you choose, there is a perfect one to match your amazing ride. This list has something for everyone who loves cars and wants their vehicle to stand out.

So next time you’re shopping around for your dream ride in shades of violet, don’t forget to pick out the right moniker that speaks directly from your heart!