Radiology Bowling Team Names
Radiology Bowling Team Names

Are you a radiologist looking for a fun way to unwind? Why not schedule a bowling night with your rad tech peers? You can also compete on who has a better bowling team name to add to the excitement!

With that said, we have compiled a list of radiology bowling team names that draw inspiration from the radiology profession.

31 Awesome Radiology Bowling Team Names

Here are some radiology bowling team names that you can use to get your radiology friends together:

  1. Radiobowlers
  2. The MRI Misfits
  3. CT Scans and Strikes
  4. X-ray Xpert
  5. Scanning Slammers
  6. Gamma Commandos
  7. Radiation Warriors
  8. Image Impersonators
  9. Rad-ical Rollers
  10. X-Ray Visionaries
  11. Gamma Gangsters
  12. Rad-iculous Rollers
  13. Spectral Spinners
  14. Body Imaging Blazers
  15. Radiologists Rolling
  16. X-Ray Reigns
  17. Radiology Renegades
  18. Rad-ioligists
  19. X-Ray Eyes
  20. MRI Magnets
  21. CT Crushers
  22. The Rumbling Radiologists
  23. Radiology Rockers
  24. Dynamic Diagnostics
  25. Gamma Gladiators
  26. Echo Explorers
  27. Radiation Raiders
  28. Magnetic Mayhem
  29. Radiology Rumble
  30. X-Ray Xplorers
  31. MR Maestros

Even though radiology can involve long hours in the hospital or clinic, having an opportunity to come together over a game of bowling brings radiology professionals closer together.

With this list of radiology bowling team names, you can impress both your colleagues and onlookers in the alley with a well-calculated strike or spare!

Happy Bowling!