RIB Boat Names
RIB Boat Names

A Rigid Inflatable Boat or RIB is a great choice for those looking for a versatile craft that can easily be used for leisure or work.  

Whether you’re planning on taking your rib boat out for fishing, touring the coastlines, or even carrying passengers on sightseeing trips – finding the perfect name is the best way to launch your adventures.  

To make your task easier, we’ve compiled a list of RIB Boat Names from which you can draw inspiration.  

31 Ideal RIB Boat Names for Your New Craft 

  1. Salty Sea Dog 
  2. Ocean Odyssey 
  3. Trident Warrior  
  4. Nauti-Lass  
  5. Wave Master  
  6. Jolly Roger  
  7. Sea Siren  
  8. Hooligan Hull  
  9. Poseidon’s Plaything  
  10. Aquatic Adventurer  
  11. Seafaring Serenity  
  12. Nauti-Momentum  
  13. Seaborne Starlet  
  14. Aquatic Knight  
  15. Oceanic Odyssey  
  16. Sea Legend  
  17. Dynamic Design  
  18. Fluid Force  
  19. Mystic Maiden  
  20. Wondrous Wave  
  21. Aqua Maiden  
  22. Big Blue Beast  
  23. Mariner’s Mistress  
  24. Smooth Sailing  
  25. Seaborne Siren  
  26. Maritime Maverick  
  27. Wave Hopper  
  28. Aquatic Anarchy  
  29. Sea Wolf  
  30. Nautical Nomad  
  31. Liquid Liberty  

There you go. 31 great RIB Boat Names to get you started. Feel free to make your own boat name by mixing ‘n matching from the ones in our list.  

Feel free to also go through our complete categories of boat names for further inspiration. 

Good Luck Boat Naming! 


Happy Sailing!