River Boat Names
River Boat Names

River boats are an integral part of river culture, serving up more than just transportation and river exploration – river boats can become an extension of the personality, values, and dreams of the community they serve. 

This makes christening a riverboat a special occasion and river boat names often carry river culture stories, represent traditions, or hold personal significance.  

We’ve compiled a list of river boat names that you can use to name your river boat or to draw inspiration from so that you can come up with a name by yourself. 

51 Classic River Boat Names  

Here are some of our 51 favorite river boat names to get you inspired: 

  1. The Mighty Mississippi  
  2. River King  
  3. Cascade Princess  
  4. High Tide  
  5. River Dreams  
  6. The Nautical Navigator  
  7. Water Wanderer  
  8. Island Explorer  
  9. Rapids Rambler  
  10. Freedom Flotilla  
  11. Riptide Rendezvous  
  12. Summer Streamer  
  13. Proudly Paddling 
  14. River Rat 
  15. The Aquatic Adventurer  
  16. Water Warrior  
  17. Bayou Breeze  
  18. Current Chaser  
  19. River Rogue  
  20. Mermaid’s Melodies  
  21. The Blue Danube 
  22. Paddle Perfectionist 
  23. Rapids Rider  
  24. The Lazy River  
  25. Wake-up Wave  
  26. Water Walker  
  27. River Ranger  
  28. Tugboat Troubadour  
  29. The Current Crusader  
  30. Coastal Cruiser  
  31. Navigator of the Nile 
  32. Deep Sea Diver  
  33. River Canyon Gal  
  34. Coastal Charmer  
  35. The Flowing Flood  
  36. Stream Quest  
  37. River Ranger  
  38. Rapids Racer  
  39. Water Walker  
  40. The Lazy Lily  
  41. Paddle Perfectionist  
  42. Sailing the Seven Seas  
  43. Wave Runner  
  44. The River Captain  
  45. Ocean Odyssey  
  46. High and Mighty  
  47. River Warrior  
  48. Flowing Freely  
  49. Canyon Crawler  
  50. Sea Sweeper  
  51. Rapids Rider  

So there you have it. 51 of the best, classic river boat names for you to choose from. For further inspiration take a look at some of our other categories of boat names.  

Happy Boat Naming! 


Happy River Cruising!