Rum Boat Names
Rum Boat Names

Are you looking for a perfect name for your rum-filled vessel? We’ve got just the list for you. Whether it’s a pint of grog or an entire barrel of spiced rum that is occupying your boat, these names are sure to give your seafaring vessel the perfect identity fit for any buccaneer.

So hoist up those sails and get ready for an adventure with these fantastic rum boat names!

31 Creative Rum Boat Names

Here’s a list of rum boat names for a boozy adventure:

  1. Bottomless Barrel
  2. Rum Runner Express
  3. Sea Foam & Spirits
  4. Dark & Stormy Night
  5. Second Wind Sailors
  6. Bumbooze Cruise
  7. The Booze Cruise
  8. Sorrel Sailor
  9. Liquid Courage
  10. High & Mighty
  11. Rum Tum Tugger
  12. Salt & Swiggers
  13. Tipsy Toes
  14. Grog Logic
  15. Punch Drunk Love
  16. Smuggler’s Cove
  17. Hooch-a-Go-Go
  18. Alcoholiday
  19. Spirited Away
  20. Liquorlock
  21. Rum Up!
  22. No Questions Asked
  23. On the Rocks
  24. Drunken Sailor
  25. Barracuda & Rum
  26. Rum Ruckus
  27. High Spirits
  28. Alcoholic Oceans
  29. Uncorked
  30. Happy Hour
  31. Rum Tummy

We hope our list of rum boat names has helped you find the perfect moniker for your alcohol-filled vessel.

Whichever suits your fancy, we wish you fair winds and following seas on all your seafaring adventures!

So pour a pint of grog, raise a toast to good times ahead, and set sail with confidence knowing that no matter what name is chosen for your ship – she’s sure to be the talk of any port!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!