Super Mario Fantasy Football Team Names
Super Mario Fantasy Football Team Names

If you’re a fan of both Super Mario and fantasy football, why not combine your passions to create a team name that’s truly unique?

In this blog post, we’ve curated 15 Super Mario-inspired fantasy football team names that will add a dash of fun and nostalgia to your fantasy league. Plus, we’ll also provide you with some in-depth tips on how to invent your very own Super Mario fantasy football team names. Let’s jump right in!

15 Super Mario Fantasy Football Team Names

Here are some our our best Super Mario fantasy football team names. Use them as-is or mix & match and make your own!


  1. Goomba Gridiron Gang
  2. Koopa Troopa Tacklers
  3. Mario’s Mushroom Maulers
  4. Princess Peach Passers
  5. Yoshi’s Touchdown Titans
  6. Luigi’s Leafy Blockers
  7. Bowser’s Fireball Fury
  8. Toad’s End Zone Heroes
  9. Wario’s Wallop Warriors
  10. Donkey Kong’s Smash Squad
  11. Super Star Strikers
  12. Boo’s Haunting Defenders
  13. Bullet Bill Blitzers
  14. Chain Chomp Chargers
  15. Piranha Plant Playmakers

These Super Mario fantasy football team names blend the exciting world of Super Mario with the competitive spirit of fantasy football, creating a winning combination that’s sure to stand out in your league.

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How To Invent Super Mario Fantasy Football Team Names By Yourself

Creating your own Super Mario fantasy football team names can be a lot of fun. Let’s dive deeper into the creative process with some detailed steps to help you come up with a unique and memorable team name:

1. Character Inspiration

Start by thinking about your favorite Super Mario characters. Consider which ones you have a personal connection with or that resonate with your playing style or personality. Whether it’s the heroic Mario, the agile Yoshi, or even the mischievous Boo, character selection is the foundation of your unique team name.

2. Football Terminology

To create a seamless fusion of Super Mario and football, mix in some football-related terms into your team name. Think about how you can relate character names, power-ups, or iconic items to the world of football. For example, you can replace “Touchdown” with “Power-Up” or “Field Goal” with “Fireball.”

3. Wordplay and Puns

Use wordplay and puns to cleverly incorporate Mario elements into your team name. Play around with character names, catchphrases, and power-ups to craft a name that’s witty and memorable. The more clever and humorous, the better! For instance, “Koopa Kickoff Kings” or “Luigi’s Leapfrog Linebackers.”

4. Alliteration

Experiment with alliteration to make your team name catchy and easy to remember. Alliteration involves using the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent words. For instance, “Bowser’s Ball-Busting Blitzers” or “Toad’s Tackle Titans.”

5. Team Colors

Consider the colors associated with your chosen Mario character and incorporate them into your team name. This not only adds depth to your name but also allows you to proudly display your character’s essence. For instance, “Luigi’s Green Gridiron Guardians” or “Princess Peach’s Pink Power-Plays.”

6. Iconic Phrases

Think about iconic phrases or catchphrases from the Mario games and adapt them to fit your team name. This not only pays homage to the source material but also adds an extra layer of recognition. For example, “It’s-a Me, Touchdown-io!” or “Mushroom Kingdom Maneuvers.”

7. Team Mascot

Imagine a Super Mario-inspired mascot for your team. How would this mascot contribute to the world of football? Create a backstory for your mascot and consider how it interacts with your team’s identity. This can add depth and personality to your team name.

8. Test It Out

Share your ideas with friends or fellow fantasy football enthusiasts to get feedback and see which names resonate the most. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can lead to refining your team name into something even more fantastic.

9. Keep It Fun

Remember, the goal is to have fun and show your love for both Super Mario and fantasy football. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the warp pipe! The more unique and entertaining your team name, the more it will enhance your fantasy league experience.

By following these in-depth steps and allowing your imagination to run wild, you’ll be well on your way to creating a Super Mario fantasy football team name that’s as unique and entertaining as the games themselves. So go ahead, embrace your inner plumber, and make your fantasy league a bit more whimsical with a Super Mario twist!