Tuna Boat Names
Tuna Boat Names

Tuna boats have been a staple in fisheries for decades and provide crucial sustenance for local fishermen who rely on this noble profession to make a living. These hardy vessels venture out into the open sea in search of adventure – and delicious fish!

But before you set sail for your next great voyage, make sure to give your boat an appropriate name! To get you started, we’ve compiled some of the best tuna boat names to inspire a moniker for your fishing vessel.

31 Terrific Tuna Boat Names

Here’s a list of 31 fun tuna boat names:

  1. Tuna Hunter
  2. Fin Finder
  3. Iron Hook
  4. Holy Tuna
  5. Reel Crazy
  6. Big Fishin’
  7. Saltwater Fisher
  8. Lucky Catch
  9. Hook ‘N’ Line
  10. Tuna Express
  11. Tuna Navigator
  12. Tuna Baron
  13. Fintastic Voyage
  14. Reel Dreamer
  15. Big Blue Tuna
  16. Bounty Hunter
  17. King Tuna
  18. Blue Horizon
  19. Fishy Business
  20. Fish Tales
  21. Castaway Tuna
  22. Bait & Tackle
  23. Fishing Frenzy
  24. Tuna Tycoon
  25. Deep Blue Sea
  26. Fishing Fever
  27. Reelin’ & Dealin’
  28. On The Hook
  29. Tuna Fever
  30. Reel Magic
  31. Tight Lines

We hope these tuna boat names have inspired you to choose the perfect name for your own fishing vessel. With a fitting name like one of these options, you’ll be sure to turn heads—and fins—out on the water!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!