Walking Puns Team Names
Walking Puns Team Names

As walking teams get ready to hit the pavement and raise money for their favorite causes, they need a great team name to rally behind. And what better way to motivate your walking team than with some punny walking team names?

From “Walkie Talkies” to “The Long Striders,” this list of walking puns will have you laughing all the way down the road! So grab your sneakers and get ready for some serious inspiration – these are sure to be a hit at any walking event!

31 Walking Puns Team Names (To Make Everyone Chuckle!)

There’s nothing like a hilarious pun to make your team name memorable and give you the motivation to literally walk the extra mile.

And so here are some of the best walking pun-filled team names that we could muster:


The Long Striders


Walkie Talkies


Walking Wonders


Speed Walkers


Flock of Chalkers




Total Stride-ers


Step Up & Go!


Tread Lightly


Puttin’ on the Strides


Mile High Club


Pacers & Shakers


The Big Steps Theory


Walkers On A Mission


Trail Blazers


Foot Loose & Fancy Free


No Pain, No Gain Train


The Stride Seekers


Trekkers Unite


Windy City Steppers


Step It Up!


Time to Take a Step Back


Walk This Way!


Just Keep Walking!


Taking the Fast Lane


Take a Step Forward


The Power Striders


Hiking the Hills


Treadin’ Thru


Walkers in Wonderland


Marching To Our Own Beat!

With walking puns like these, you’ll be sure to march your way to the top of walking fundraisers!

Pick your favorite walking puns team name and use it proudly as you head out on those long walks. And don’t forget to wear a smile – walking puns always make for a good time!

You may also enjoy picking a funny walking team slogan to go with your new walking team name!

So get creative and have fun with it! Grab your walking shoes and hit the road with these walking puns!