Weed Boat Names
Weed Boat Names

Are you looking for some fun and creative weed boat names?

Well, look no further – we’ve got the perfect list of monikers that are sure to get you and your vessel noticed on the docks. From the slyly humorous to the more obvious puns, these boat names will make a statement, whether it’s in choppy waters or rollicking waves!

41 Weed Boat Names For Sailing Stoners

Here are 41 weed boat names for the potheads:

  1. Reefer Madness
  2. Mystic Mary Jane
  3. The Banditweed
  4. Cannaboat
  5. Sweet Leaf Sailor
  6. Reel Smoke
  7. 420 Charter
  8. Green Rush
  9. Smoke Break
  10. Pot Luck
  11. Deep Weed
  12. High Seas
  13. Dank Destiny
  14. Potent Pearl
  15. Bud Boat
  16. Stoner Skiff
  17. Ganja Galley
  18. Smokey Schooner
  19. Weed Waver
  20. Blunt Battleship
  21. THC Trawler
  22. Herbal Horizon
  23. S.S. Sativa
  24. Mary Jane
  25. Puffin’ Sails
  26. Grassy Sea
  27. Reefer Raft
  28. Dab Dinghy
  29. Sensimilla Craft
  30. Cheeba Cruiser
  31. THC Tender
  32. Spliff Speedboat
  33. Mota Mariner
  34. Pot Boat
  35. Rolling Wake
  36. The Highliner
  37. Hashish
  38. Kush Cutter
  39. Canna Cruiser
  40. Bong Boat
  41. Weed Whaler

We hope this list of weed boat names has amused you and inspired your vessel’s moniker. Remember that no matter what kind of craft you’re sailing on, safety is always key when heading out onto the open water. Spread the green love and safe sailing, mateys!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!