Boat Names for a Blue Boat
Boat Names for a Blue Boat

So, you’re the new owner of a blue boat and are now looking for a name that reflects its beautiful color. After all, blue is a beautiful color. The sight of a blue boat sailing on the blue waters of a lake or the open sea can be a truly stunning sight.

While brainstorming boat names for a blue boat, our team of boat lovers came up with a bunch of ideas that could be perfect for your boat. We even have a short list of funny blue boat names that you may find interesting.

Take a look and take what you like.

51 Ideal Boat Names for a Blue Boat

Here is a list of boat names for your blue boat that you may find useful and inspiring:

  1. Blue Horizon
  2. Blue Lagoon
  3. Sea of Blue
  4. Azure Wave
  5. Ocean’s Dreamer
  6. Journey to the Deep Blue Sea
  7. Starry Night
  8. Majestic Voyage
  9. Celestial Sparkle
  10. Aqua Paradise
  11. Sapphire Splendor
  12. Midnight Serenade
  13. Serene Retreat
  14. Sky’s Reflection
  15. Royal Waters
  16. Skyward Voyage
  17. Turquoise Trail
  18. Pacific Breeze
  19. Azure Jewel
  20. Heavenly
  21. Blue Bayou
  22. Azure Sea
  23. Blue Mermaid
  24. Sapphire Wave
  25. Cerulean
  26. Azure Sky
  27. Blue Wave
  28. Sea Sapphire
  29. Santa Maria Blue
  30. Royal Navy
  31. Ocean Breeze
  32. Deep Blue Sea
  33. Blue Angel
  34. Bluebelle
  35. Blue Skies
  36. Deep Sea Dancer
  37. Riviera Cruise
  38. Midnight Wave
  39. Pacific Odyssey
  40. Azure Lady
  41. True Blue
  42. Blue Diamond
  43. Serenity
  44. Blue Moon
  45. Cerulean Star
  46. Aqua Dreamer
  47. Skyward Sea
  48. Sapphire Seas
  49. The Deep Blue
  50. Midnight Magic
  51. Blue Blooded

10 Funny Blue Boat Names

If none of the above boat names for a blue boat struck you, why not try something funny. These are harder to find, but we’ve compiled a list of funny blue boat names just for you. Take a look.

  1. Bluetiful
  2. Out of the blue
  3. Blue Blooded Boat
  4. Once in a Blue Moon
  5. Blue in the Face
  6. Blue Chip
  7. Blue-eyed Boy
  8. True Blue
  9. Blue-sky thinking
  10. A Bolt from the Blue

21 Boat Names Starting With Blue

If you’re not just looking for boat names for a blue boat but specifically for boat names starting with the word “blue”, then this list is for you.

Here are our top boat names starting with blue:

  1. Blue Angel
  2. Blue Bayou
  3. Blue Belle
  4. Blue Bird
  5. Blue Magic
  6. Blue Moon
  7. Blue Ocean
  8. Blue Paradise
  9. Blue Pearl
  10. Blue Dolphin
  11. Bluewater
  12. Blue Horizon
  13. Blue Water
  14. Blue Wave
  15. Blue Lagoon
  16. Bluetiful
  17. Blue Blooded
  18. Blue in the Face
  19. Blue Chip
  20. Blue Eyed Boy
  21. Blue Sky Thinking

We hope one of these names works for you – either the classic boat names for a blue boat or the funny blue boat names. If not, feel free to mix n match and make your own.

Happy Boat Naming!

and Happy Sailing!