Boat Names for a Boston Whaler
Boat Names for a Boston Whaler

Did you just buy a Boston Whaler? This iconic brand is so well-known for its versatility and stability on the water, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular boats in the recreational boating world.

Our team brainstormed to come up with what we think are ideal boat names for a Boston Whaler.

So, whether you just bought a recreational Boston Whaler like the Tender, Montauk, Outrage or Vantage or one of the commercial models like Vigilant, Justice, Challenger or Guardian, we’ve got the right name for you.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Perfect Boat Names for a Boston Whaler

Here are 10 of the best boat names for a Boston Whaler that we could think of:

  1. Salty Dog
  2. Sea Star
  3. High Seas
  4. Wave Runner
  5. Deep Blue
  6. Anchor Away
  7. Mariner’s Delight
  8. Island Time
  9. Dory’s Dream (Replace “Dory” with your name)
  10. Big Fish
  11. Wind Chaser
  12. Navigator’s Destiny
  13. Morning Mist
  14. Freedom Bound
  15. The Wanderer
  16. Seaduction
  17. The Summer Breeze
  18. Gone Fishing
  19. High Tide
  20. Fish Finder
  21. Sea Cutter
  22. Maverick (for you Tom Cruise fans)
  23. Freedom Express
  24. Whalepower
  25. Dancing Wave
  26. Slipstream
  27. Blue Heaven
  28. Deep Endeavor
  29. Sea Quest
  30. Rolling Tide
  31. Liberty Belle
  32. Dream Chaser
  33. Shipshape
  34. Nauti-Gal
  35. H2O Cruiser
  36. Getaway Galley
  37. Aqua Adventurer
  38. Cuttin’ Loose
  39. Sea King
  40. Old Salty
  41. Captain’s Choice
  42. The Finest Of All
  43. Out to Sea
  44. Ocean Breeze
  45. Whaler of the Sea
  46. Sea-Licious
  47. Wave Rider
  48. Whaler’s Whimsy
  49. Freedom Floater
  50. Unsinkable II
  51. The Best Catch Yet

So, there you are. 51 of the best boat names for a Boston Whaler that we could think of. I hope at least one of these works for you. If not, then try mixing n matching from the names above and make up your own.

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We wish you good luck with the boat naming exercise.

And Happy Sailing!