Boat Names for a Black Boat
Boat Names for a Black Boat

If you’ve just bought a new boat and it’s black or very dark in color, then you’re probably looking for boat names for a black boat.

Black is a powerful color for a boat and so while brainstorming, our team focused on names that evoked strength, power, and the mystery of black. And if you sail in the dark, your black boat will perfectly blend into the starry black night sky.

In this article, we’ll propose you 21 classic names that you can consider for your new black boat.

21 Classic Boat Names for a Black Boat

Here’s our list of some unique and creative boat names for a black boat:

  1. Midnight Express
  2. Nightfall
  3. Shadow Chaser
  4. Black Magic
  5. Dark Star
  6. Eclipse
  7. Shadow Dancer
  8. Midnight Rider
  9. Black Beauty
  10. Mystic Marauder
  11. Dark Waters
  12. Phantom Ship
  13. Night Hawk
  14. The Phantom’s Shadow
  15. Corsair
  16. Raven’s Call
  17. Midnight Sun
  18. Shadow Seeker
  19. Obsidian Dream
  20. Mystic Moon
  21. The Dark Lord (for you Harry Potter fans out there!)

Or instead of the last one, you could try “Dark Magic”.

As you can see a black boat can give plenty of options to the creative mind. Feel free to try any of the names above or mix ‘n match from our list and create your own.

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Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!

Happy Sailing!