Small Fishing Boat Names
Small Fishing Boat Names

If you search on the internet you are bound to find plenty of sites with names for fishing boats. But most of them target fishing boats in general and the names do not always work for small fishing boats.

So our team set out to brainstorm ideas for names specifically for small fishing boats. The goal was to come up with small fishing boat names that took into account the small size of the boat without losing the outsized joy that it is sure to bring to its owner.

So, whether you fish in small rivers, shallow lakes or tight coves, we hope that one of the small fishing boat names on our list will work for you.

So, let’s see what we came up with.

Small Fishing Boat Names

Here are 21 names specifically for small fishing boats, emphasizing the small size of the boat:

  1. The Little Fisher
  2. Little Angler
  3. Tiny Trouper
  4. Baby Skipper
  5. Petite Angler
  6. Tiny Reeler
  7. Pocket Catcher
  8. Minnow Boat
  9. Wee Trawler
  10. Little Joys of Life
  11. Micro Fisherman
  12. Tiny Trawler
  13. Mini Mariner
  14. Wee Wanderer
  15. Petite Pirate
  16. Miniature Marauder
  17. Small Skipper
  18. Miniature Mate
  19. Tiny Tugboat
  20. Little Raider.
  21. Little Pleasures

As you see the 21 small fishing boat names listed above focus on the little size of the boat. But there are other nice names that could work for any sized fishing boat including a small one. Here are 15 such names that you could use for your small fishing boat:

  1. Morning Catch
  2. Fin Hunter
  3. Pond Falcon
  4. Stream Wanderer
  5. Blue Heron
  6. Reel Dreamer
  7. Catch of the Day
  8. Sea Dog
  9. Hooked Up
  10. Lucky Strike
  11. The Angler
  12. Fin Finder
  13. Wave Rider
  14. Sea Breeze
  15. Fish Whisperer

I hope you liked these small fishing boat names and can find at least one that you can use. Feel free to mix and match from the above and make up a name for your boat.

If you have time, take a look at our more extensive list of names for a small boat (not just a small fishing boat). Maybe you’ll like something there.

Happy sailing and Happy fishing!