Boat Names for a Small Boat
Boat Names for a Small Boat

Have you just purchased a small boat and are now looking for a great name for it? Well, there’s no shortage of names for a small boat. The only question is, what does the boat mean to you and how much of that emotion you would like reflected in the boat’s name?

We’ve compiled a nice long list of names. You have classics like “Mermaid” and “Fisherman’s Dream” to modern ones like “Sea Fox” and “Turtle Cruiser”.

Fingers crossed, that you will find something in here that you’ll like.

Good luck with your new boat and happy sailing!

Fun Boat Names for a Small Boat

So, here are our 75 boat names for a small boat:

  1. Sea Lily
  2. Aquamarine
  3. Little Adventurer
  4. Wave Seeker
  5. Rip Tide Rebel
  6. Salty Sailor
  7. The Captain’s Wheel
  8. The Pearl Of The Ocean (or of the Lake if you prefer :-))
  9. Whitecaps Voyager
  10. Cruise Queen
  11. Wandering Spirit
  12. Island Explorer
  13. Waterbug Wonder
  14. Sailing Star
  15. Glitter Galleon
  16. Mermaid’s Dream
  17. Dolphin Rider
  18. Shark Chaser
  19. Surf Surfer
  20. Deep Blue Sea
  21. Sunset Sailer
  22. Cloud Chaser
  23. Summer Splash
  24. Sand Dollar
  25. Breeze Lover
  26. Swashbuckler
  27. Tiny Terror
  28. Little Leaky boat
  29. The Barge of Cuteness
  30. Tin Can boat
  31. Sea Piggy
  32. Mini Marauder
  33. Saucy Siren
  34. Cute Cruiser
  35. Bubbly boat
  36. Mini Mermaid
  37. Puddle Pirate
  38. Lil’ Lunker
  39. Saltwater Sidekick
  40. Dinghy Darling
  41. Fisherman’s Dream
  42. Froggy boat
  43. Catch of the Day
  44. Happy Jaunt
  45. Sunny Skipper
  46. Tiny Trekker
  47. Salty Seashell
  48. Mighty Mite
  49. Mini Mariner
  50. Dreams Come True (my favorite!)
  51. Turtle Cruiser
  52. Floaty Flier
  53. Sea Fox
  54. Puddle Jumper
  55. Savannah Star
  56. Serene Serenity
  57. Little Lionfish
  58. Sea Sparkle
  59. Tiny Titan
  60. Aqua Queen
  61. Sunny Sailor
  62. Crazy Cruiser
  63. Blue Wave
  64. Star of the Sea
  65. Mighty Mini boat
  66. Misty Magician
  67. Eternity
  68. Anchored Heart
  69. Endless Horizon
  70. Courageous Journey
  71. Rivers of Life
  72. Mystic Voyage
  73. Floating Freedom
  74. Voyager Of Hope
  75. Distant Destination

We hope you liked one of the names on this list. If not, try out the names for a small fishing boat.

Whatever boat name you choose, make sure that it is meaningful to you and reflects the spirit of your boat. Happy sailing!