Boat Names for a Mechanic
Boat Names for a Mechanic

If you’re a mechanic and have just purchased a boat that you would like to name, chances are you are looking for boat names that reflect your profession. When you’re out there on the water, you would want everyone to know who you are and what you do!

And as a mechanic, you’re going to be one of the few sailors out there who can actually fix the boat should anything happen.

In this article, we’ll give you our best shot at coming up with boat names for a mechanic.

I hope you like one or more of these.

Perfect Boat Names for a Mechanic

Here are 71 boat names for a mechanic that may just reflect who you are:

  1. Mechanic’s Dream
  2. Wrenchmaster
  3. Toolbox Tales
  4. Screwdriver Sailor
  5. Oiling the Seas
  6. Grease Slick
  7. Plumbline Pilot
  8. Tool Troubleshooter
  9. The Grease Monkey
  10. Captain Clutch
  11. Tool Time
  12. Skilled Seamanship
  13. Wrench Rider
  14. Greased Lightning
  15. Master Craftsman
  16. Spark of Genius
  17. A Turn of the Screw
  18. Liquid Assets
  19. Ocean Mechanic
  20. Prime Mover
  21. Motor Maniac
  22. All Systems Go
  23. Gear Grinder
  24. Fit to Sail
  25. Rigged for Action
  26. Tinkerer’s Dream
  27. Gearhead Haven
  28. Cog in the Wheel
  29. Capable Craft
  30. Bolted Together
  31. Tugged Along
  32. Cut to Measure
  33. Cogged Up
  34. Right as Rain
  35. Oiled Machine
  36. Screwed Tight
  37. Mechanic’s Mate
  38. Toolkit Traveler
  39. Repair and Go!
  40. Just Torquing Around
  41. Fiddlers Fix-it Boat
  42. Greased Wrench Boat
  43. Adjusted Adventure
  44. The Toolbox
  45. Scorcher
  46. Wrench Runner
  47. Grease Monkey
  48. Torque Master
  49. The Grease Bucket
  50. Nut Cracker
  51. Jet Bolt
  52. Engine Express
  53. Impeller Rescue
  54. Spare Partz
  55. Prop Shop Express
  56. Shipshape Mechanic
  57. Bilge Buster
  58. Pump Whisperer
  59. Oil Can Floater
  60. Sailor Engineer
  61. Skipper’s Workshop
  62. Outboard Express
  63. Precious Pumps
  64. Mechanical Magic
  65. Marina Maintenance
  66. Oil Slick
  67. Seal Secret
  68. Nutty Engineer
  69. Fix It Fleet
  70. Robot Boat
  71. Supercharged

Whether you’re looking for something silly or something serious, these boat names for mechanics should help to get you started in your boat naming journey.

If you’d like, take a look at some of the boat names for other professions for further inspiration.

Happy boat Naming!

And Happy Sailing!