Boat Names for a Hair Stylist
Boat Names for a Hair Stylist

If you’re a hair stylist and have just purchased a boat that you would like to name, chances are you are looking for boat names that reflect your profession. When you’re out there on the water, you would want everyone to know who you are and what you do!

In this article, we’ll give you our best shot at coming up with boat names for a hair stylist. Some names are punny. Others are playful. But they’re all humorous.

I hope you like one or more of these.

51 Boat Names for a Hair Stylist

Here are 51 boat names for a hair stylist:

  1. The Mane Event
  2. Perm-a-Sea
  3. Shear Adventure
  4. Hair Raiser
  5. Bob & Weave
  6. Comb the Sea
  7. Cut Above the Rest
  8. Tresses To Sea
  9. Curl Up and Dye
  10. A Shore Thing
  11. Knot Your Average Boat
  12. Split Ends of the Line
  13. Styling Seaways
  14. All Tied Up in Knots
  15. A Blowin’ in the Wind
  16. Oars and Pairs
  17. Bang for Your Buck
  18. Whisker Away
  19. Fringe Benefits
  20. Shear Majesty
  21. Hairway to Heaven
  22. Bobs Away
  23. Finishing Touch
  24. Cut and Curl
  25. Clip Clop Cruise
  26. Scissor Sisters
  27. Curl Up & Dye
  28. Brush Strokes
  29. Tress-passer
  30. Snip Trip
  31. Do or Dye
  32. Color Me Gone
  33. Highlighted and Lowtide
  34. Knotty by Nature
  35. Pony Express
  36. Shear Magic
  37. Hair-o-Navic
  38. Comb Over Cruisers
  39. Follicle Fury
  40. Mane Attraction
  41. Trim & Sail
  42. Bedazzled Boaters
  43. Styling Sailing
  44. Snip Ship
  45. Mane Masters
  46. Head Honchos
  47. Curl Commanders
  48. Wave Weavers
  49. Coiffure Coverers
  50. Out to Sea with Style
  51. High Seas ‘Do’s

Hopefully, this list of boat names for a hair stylist has given you some inspiration when it comes to naming your new vessel!

If you’d like, take a look at some of the boat names for other professions for further inspiration.

Whatever name you decide on, make sure it reflects the unique and creative skills that you possess as a hair stylist sailor! Have fun out there on the water and stay safe!

Happy Sailing!