Boat Names for Hockey Players
Boat Names for Hockey Players

If you’re a hockey player and have just purchased a boat that you would like to name, chances are you are looking for boat names that reflect your love for the sport of hockey. When you’re out there on the water, you would want everyone to know who you are and what you excel at!

In this article, we’ll give you our best shot at coming up with boat names for a hockey player.

We also give you the thinking behind each name, so you can decide for yourself which boat names suits you the most.

31 Boat Names for Hockey Players

Here is a list of 31 boat names for hockey players:

  1. Iced Out
  2. Puck Luck
  3. Stick Shift
  4. Power Play
  5. Biscuit in the Basket
  6. The Penalty Box
  7. Goal Digger
  8. Rink Rat
  9. Slap Shot
  10. Hat Trick
  11. Ice Breaker
  12. Skate Boarding
  13. The Goalie
  14. Ice Queen
  15. The Puck Stop
  16. Slapshot
  17. Hockey Stick
  18. Zamboni Express
  19. Checkmate
  20. Breakaway
  21. Deke & Dive
  22. Puck Master
  23. Ice Glider
  24. Penalty Box
  25. Zamboni Chaser
  26. The Referee
  27. Face-Off
  28. High Stick
  29. Power Skater
  30. The Masked Man
  31. Offsides

Do like any of these?

If you can’t make up your mind, in the next section we explain which boat name could be best for what type of hockey player.

Boat Names for Hockey Players – With Explanations

  1. Iced Out – This boat name is perfect for a hockey player who loves to show off their skills on the ice.
  2. Puck Luck – A great boat name that pays homage to all of the luck you need in order to be successful in hockey.
  3. Stick Shift – A creative boat name that references the fans’ favorite sport – hockey!
  4. Power Play – Named after the popular power play strategy used during a hockey game.
  5. Biscuit in the Basket – This boat name is for the hockey player who loves to put the biscuit in the basket
  6. The Penalty Box – A boat name suited for a competitive captain who isn’t afraid of making mistakes, but learns quickly from them too!
  7. Goal Digger – To celebrate your passion for hockey with a boat name that speaks of determination and ambition.
  8. Rink Rat – A boat name for the dedicated hockey fan who loves spending time in the rink, perfect for any boat owner!
  9. Slap Shot – An obvious boat name choice for hockey fans to express their passion for the sport in a unique way.
  10. Hat Trick – The ultimate boat name celebrating three goals scored by one player in a single game – respect!
  11. Ice Breaker – This boat name signals your strong breakaway speed and ability to change up the pace on the ice.
  12. Skate Boarding – For those who love to blaze around on the boat as much as they do on the ice!
  13. The Goalie – This boat is for the captain, the leader of a boat crew – just as the goalie is on the ice.
  14. Ice Queen – For the boat owner that is an ice queen on the hockey rink.
  15. The Puck Stop – For the boating enthusiast who can’t get enough of stopping pucks!
  16. Hockey Stick – Hockey players will love this boat name, as it references their favorite game.
  17. Slapshot – A boat that never fails to shoot for the goal, just like its namesake suggests!
  18. Zamboni Express – Perfectly suited for pond-hockey fans, this boat celebrates all things icy and frozen with its unique name.
  19. Checkmate – Named after an important defensive move in hockey, this boat is for those who want to stay one step ahead.
  20. Breakaway – A boat that’s always ready for the open sea, just like a breakaway on the ice!
  21. Deke & Dive – Perfectly suited for boat owners who love to show off their fancy moves, on land and water alike.
  22. Puck Master – For boat owners who know how to handle themselves when out on the water.
  23. Ice Glider – A boat with a smooth glide that glides through both ice and water!
  24. Penalty Box – For boat owners who have a sense of humor and know how to take a penalty when they have to!
  25. Zamboni Chaser – A boat that’s inspired by smooth rides on both ice and water, just like the beloved Zamboni machines!
  26. The Referee – Let everyone know who is in charge—on land or sea—with this boat’s unique name.
  27. Face-Off – Named after one of the most iconic plays in hockey, this boat is perfect for those looking for an exciting ride.
  28. High Stick – For boat lovers who like their boats fast and furious, just like a high stick flying through the rink!
  29. Power Skater – This boat is perfect for boat owners who like to power-skate their way around the waves.
  30. The Masked Man – A boat with a mysterious name that hints at strength and resilience, just like any great goalie!
  31. Offsides – Boats need to be careful on the seas too—just as they have to be in an offside situation in hockey!

Hopefully, this list of boat names for hockey players has given you some inspiration when it comes to naming your new vessel!

If you’d like, take a look at some of the boat names for other professions for further inspiration.

Whatever name you decide on, make sure it reflects the unique and creative sports skills that you possess as a hockey player sailor! Have fun out there on the water and stay safe!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!