Cardboard Boat Names
Cardboard Boat Names

While everyone may not be able to take a grand voyage across the ocean, they can get still creative with their cardboard boat-making skills! Cardboard boats are an easy and fun weekend activity that requires minimal supplies and offers plenty of opportunity for creativity.

And to complete the boating experience, we’ve gathered a list of cardboard boat names to help you set sail on your next boxy adventure.

21 Creative Cardboard Boat Names

Here are some boat names for your cardboard vessel:

  1. SS Schooner
  2. Captain Carton’s Compass
  3. Cardboard Magic
  4. Aqua Box
  5. Flapping Flotilla
  6. Corrugated Cruiser
  7. Cardboard Canoe
  8. Box Boat Bonanza
  9. Cardboard Clipper
  10. Foldable Frigate
  11. Cardboard Kayak
  12. Flimsy Float
  13. Boxtastic
  14. Cardboard Cutlass
  15. Mr. Box
  16. Box-tanic
  17. Crafty Cruise
  18. McBox
  19. Buoyant Box
  20. Papercraft Wonder
  21. Foldaway Floater

We hope that this list of cardboard boat names has inspired you to get creative with your own boxy watercraft. So grab some corrugated cardboard, an imagination, and set sail on your next boating adventure!

And while you’re at it, check out our names for paper boats. Maybe you’ll find more inspiration there.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!