Paper Boat Names
Paper Boat Names

Paper boats are a delightful summertime activity that brings nostalgic joy to people of all ages.

Whether you’re in the pool, the lake, or even in the bathtub, paper boats can be an enjoyable way to spend a hot summer day. But for your paper boat to be truly special, it needs an equally special name! Read on for a list of fun paper boat names!

31 Whimsical Paper Boat Names

Here are some ideas for names for you paper boat:

  1. Seaworthy Explorer
  2. Tiny Treasure
  3. Majestic Fold
  4. Magnificent White
  5. Captain’s Pride
  6. Windward Wonder
  7. Paper Paddler
  8. Shipshape Schooner
  9. Paper Poseidon
  10. S.S. Soggy Bottom
  11. Paper Peril
  12. Origami Odyssey
  13. HMS Weightless
  14. Tissue Titanic
  15. Folly Float
  16. Floppy Frigate
  17. Folded Floater
  18. Paper-clipper
  19. Bumbling Boat
  20. Flimsy Ferry
  21. Paddle-less Pirate
  22. Folded Skiff
  23. Origami Ark
  24. Creased Cruiser
  25. Tear-Proof Ship
  26. Folding Fun
  27. Wobbly Wave Runner
  28. Crinkled Craft
  29. Delicate Dinghy
  30. Crumpled Canoe
  31. Rippling Raft

Have fun with these 31 paper boat names to choose from! For further inspiration, you may also want to check out list of cardboard boat names.

Now all that’s left to do is find the perfect spot, grab some paper and start boat-crafting.

Then get ready to set sail on an unforgettable adventure with your very own fleet of handmade boats!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!