Cat Boat Names
Cat Boat Names

Cat lovers everywhere look for cat names for everything to express their love of cats. Cat-inspired names can be funny, serious, punny, tongue-in-cheek, or even ironic. The cat theme also works well for catamaran, catboat, and fast cat designs as the names are based on their sleek looks and playful nature.

The word “cat” can also be used in the boat’s name. You can put it at the start of the boat name or somewhere in the middle.

We cover all these possibilities in this article so that you have plenty of boat names about cats, related to cats and inspired by cats to choose from.

Now, many of these names can also be used for catamarans, but if you’re interested we have a separate list of boat names for a catamaran.

61 Cat Boat Names For Anyone Who Loves Cats!

Here is a list of 61 cat boat names that are perfect for cat lovers:

  1. Cat’s Meow
  2. Furball
  3. Cat Nap
  4. Nine Lives
  5. Pawsitively Purrfect
  6. Frisky Feline
  7. Wildcat
  8. Sea Meowdle
  9. Cat Tail
  10. Kitty Cruiser
  11. Kit Kat
  12. Joyride
  13. Purrfection
  14. Tabby
  15. Cat’s Pajamas
  16. Catboat
  17. Feline Fancy
  18. Paw Prints
  19. Kitten Kaboodle
  20. Catnip
  21. Furry Friend
  22. Purrrfect Harmony
  23. Whisker Wind
  24. Kitty Katastrophe
  25. Litter Box
  26. Pawsitive Vision
  27. Kittenish
  28. Meowy Mariner
  29. Roaring Tabby
  30. Furry Business
  31. Clowder of Cats
  32. Cat’s Paw
  33. Purrfect Storm
  34. Floofy Fluffytail
  35. Furrific Voyage
  36. Catastic
  37. Furry Samba
  38. Cat’s Cradle
  39. Furocious
  40. Cattitude
  41. Sea Limey
  42. Clawsome
  43. Fluffybutts Cruise
  44. Purrfect Comfort
  45. Kittycutter
  46. Meowser
  47. Nine Tails
  48. Catamaraner
  49. Catalyst
  50. Whiskers
  51. Purrfect Getaway
  52. Catnaps at Sea
  53. Happy Paws
  54. Furball Funnies
  55. Furry Pirate Ship
  56. Kitty Korner
  57. Catcher in the Sea
  58. Puss and Sail
  59. Feline Flotilla
  60. Meow-torious
  61. Catnip Cruiser

15 Boat Names Starting with “Cat” or “Kat”

Here are 15 cat boat names that start with the word “cat” or “kat” so cat lovers can have extra options:

  1. Cataclysmic
  2. Katastrophic
  3. Cat’s Meow
  4. Katapult
  5. Catamaraner
  6. Kathartic
  7. Cattitude
  8. Katoomba
  9. Catharsis
  10. Katsarola
  11. Katchup
  12. Catalyst
  13. Katyusha
  14. Catharsis
  15. Katmandu
  16. Catspaw
  17. Cathouse
  18. Cat Calls
  19. Catnap
  20. Catfish
  21. Catapult
  22. Catalog
  23. Catty
  24. Catania
  25. Cat Claws
  26. Catwalk
  27. Catfight
  28. Cattish
  29. Catacomb
  30. Caterpillar

So there you go! 91 amazing cat boat names for your new boat – whether it’s a catamaran or just a regular boat that you would like to name to reflect your love of cats!

We hope you find a boat name from this list that you can make your own. As I mentioned in the introduction, do take a look at our catamaran boat names for more ideas.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!