Red Boat Names
Red Boat Names

Red is a powerful color that stands out anywhere. It is a color that symbolizes courage, strength, and passion. A red boat can be easily spotted from far away due to its vibrant appearance which is sure to turn heads.

If you’ve just got a new boat that’s red, all that’s left for you to do now is choose a great name that best suits the commanding aura of your vessel. To help you get going, we have compiled several lists of red boat names that can make you feel like the master of the seas!


11 Best Red Boat Names 

Here’s the list of the best red boat names that we’ve curated just for you: 

  1. Fire Cracker  
  2. Red Arrow  
  3. Red Baron  
  4. Code Red 
  5. Red Card  
  6. Lady in Red  
  7. Hot Tamale  
  8. Red in the Face 
  9. Red Lips 
  10. Red Eye  
  11. Red Hot 

10 Cool Red Boat Names 

  1. Crimson Tide 
  2. Ruby Slipper 
  3. Scarlet Wind 
  4. Red Rover  
  5. Hotshot  
  6. Fire Cracker  
  7. Cherry Bomb  
  8. Red Dawn  
  9. Flame Rider  
  10. Starship Red 

10 Boat Names With Red In Them 

10 boat names which have the word “red” in them: 

  1. Red Arrow  
  2. Red Baron  
  3. Red Devil  
  4. Red Flag 
  5. Red Knight  
  6. Red Legend  
  7. Red Rover  
  8. Code Red 
  9. Red Ruby 
  10. Red Herring 

10 Funny Red Boat Names 

Here are some funny names for a red boat: 

  1. Red Card  
  2. Red Herring  
  3. Captain Crimson  
  4. Lady in Red  
  5. Hot Tamale  
  6. Scarlet Fever  
  7. Red in the Face 
  8. Red Alert  
  9. Red Lips 
  10. Red Flag  

10 Clever Red Boat Names 

Here are some clever, tongue-in-cheek names for a red boat: 

  1. Scarlet Letter  
  2. Red October  
  3. Ruby Tuesday  
  4. Red Baroness  
  5. Flare of Fire  
  6. Cherry on Top  
  7. Red Sky in the Morning  
  8. Blood in the Water  
  9. Turn Up the Heat  
  10. Flaming Fisherman 

10 Red Speed Boat Names 

Red can be a great color for a speed boat and so here are our top red speed boat names: 

  1. Red Eye  
  2. Red Hot  
  3. Scarlet Streak  
  4. Fast Flame  
  5. Blistering Bolt  
  6. Crimson Cruiser  
  7. Fire Flash  
  8. Blazing Bandit  
  9. Ruby Rocket  
  10. Scarlet Speedster  

10 Red Fishing Boat Names 

Fishing boats often have red in them so here are our top red fishing boat names: 

  1. Coral Cruiser  
  2. Red Alert  
  3. Lobster Lover  
  4. Scarlet Sunrise  
  5. Rusty Rodder  
  6. Fishing Fireball  
  7. The Crimson Catch  
  8. Red Fin  
  9. Red Tide  
  10. Red Rebel  

This is our most comprehensive list (or lists) of red boat names for you to find the moniker for your new vessel.

Keep in mind that you can always take from this list and get creative on your own by mixing and matching to come up with an even more fierce boat name!

Happy Boat Naming 

Happy Sailing!