Latin Boat Names

Ancient Rome had a vibrant maritime culture, with sea-faring ships playing an integral role in transportation and commerce. They often gave their vessels unique names that were rooted in mythology and religion, while others were taken from popular literature or the ship’s place of origin.

In an effort to honor the rich maritime culture of Ancient Rome, we have gathered a list of Latin boat names to bring good luck on your voyage!

31 Captivating Latin Boat Names

Here is a selection of interesting Latin boat names:

  1. Neptunus (God Neptune, Ruler of the Sea)
  2. Navis Regina (Queen Ship)
  3. Vitae Venator (Hunter of Life)
  4. Amor Marinus (Sea Love)
  5. Aquila Nauta (Sailing Eagle)
  6. Bellator Nauticus (Nautical Warrior)
  7. Fortuna Navium (Ship of Fortune)
  8. Gloria Nautica (Nautical Glory)
  9. Imperium Nauticum (Nautical Empire)
  10. Libertas Navium (Freedom of the Ships)
  11. Pax Nautica (Nautical Peace)
  12. Mare Magnum (Great Sea)
  13. Adventus Maris (Arrival of the Sea)
  14. Nauta Fidelis (Loyal Sailor)
  15. Tempestas Marina (Sea Storm)
  16. Vesper Navium (Evening of the Ships)
  17. Oceanautica (Ocean Navigator)
  18. Mare Vibrare (To make the sea vibrate)
  19. Navigatio Audax (Bold Navigation)
  20. Nautilus (Sailing Boat)
  21. Victoria Nautica (Nautical Victory)
  22. Aurea Navis (Golden Ship)
  23. Navium Prima (First Ship)
  24. Ventus Marina (Sea Wind)
  25. Nauta Perpetuus (Eternal Sailor)
  26. Nauta Regalis (Royal Sailor)
  27. Navium Victoria (Victorious Ship)
  28. Maris Imperator (Emperor of the Sea)
  29. Fluctus Nauticus (Nautical Wave)
  30. Navis Felicitas (Boat of Happiness)
  31. Stella Marina (Star of the Sea)

No matter what kind of vessel you’re sailing, these captivating Latin boat names are sure to bring good luck and glory on your journey. Happy sailing!

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!