Christian Bowling Team Names
Christian Bowling Team Names

There is a place to pray and a place to play. If you’re participating in a bowling tournament with your Church community, you’re probably going to say a prayer to score as many strikes as needed to win!

Church-goers and religious Christians who enjoy bowling can still have fun in the lanes with their bowling team names.

Whether you’re looking for something to represent your church group, or youth organization, or just want something creative that still speaks your faith, these Christian bowling team names for the religious bowlers are sure to inspire more people to attend church!

31 Witty Religious Christian Bowling Team Names

Here are 31 Christian and religious bowling team names for your team of Christian bowlers for your next church bowling league:

  1. Holy Rollers
  2. Praying Pins
  3. Rolling in Faith
  4. God’s Squad
  5. Heavenly Rollers
  6. Bible Bowlers
  7. Church Rollers
  8. Gospel Rollers
  9. Sacred Rollers
  10. The Spirit Rollers
  11. The Faith Rollers
  12. Born Again Bowlers
  13. The Christian Bowling Club
  14. The Gospel Strike Force
  15. Bowling for Redemption
  16. The Holy Bowlers
  17. The Church League Rollers
  18. Gospel Gutter Gang
  19. Faith In Each Other
  20. Praying Pins of Promise
  21. Rollers of Redemption
  22. Worship Warriors of the Alley
  23. Bowlers of Blessing
  24. Church Rollers of Christ
  25. Gospel Rollers of Glory
  26. The Spirit Rollers of the Lord
  27. The Faith Rollers of the Father
  28. The Graceful Rollers of the Lord
  29. Christian Bowling Club
  30. The Gospel Force
  31. Holy Bowlers of the Spirit

I hope you liked at least one of these names and can make it your own for the next bowling of your Church’s community. By the way, if you’re Catholic, do check out our Catholic bowling team names for further inspiration.

Regardless of which religious Christian bowling team name you choose for your church league, remember that the most important thing is having fun and still showing respect.

Let these religious Christian bowling team names inspire your next church bowling outing and may the lanes bless you with more strikes!

Happy Bowling!