Paddle Boat Names
Paddle Boat Names

Are you looking for a unique name to give your new paddle boat?

We’ve got the perfect selection of funny paddle boat names out there so you won’t have to settle for boring or generic names. Go ahead and check out our list below!

21 Funny Paddle Boat Names

Here are 21 funny names for paddle boats that can make everyone giggle:

  1. Paddle Me Timbers
  2. Paddles Away
  3. Sailin’ Ain’t Easy
  4. Droop Sail
  5. Rubber Duckie
  6. Paddle-icious
  7. Step On It!
  8. Paddle to the Metal
  9. Paddle Pop
  10. Paddle-Pocalypse
  11. Paddle Hard, No Excuses
  12. Just Keep Paddlin’
  13. Turning Is Believing
  14. Hand On The Wheels
  15. Paddle Overboard
  16. Don’t Worry, Just Paddle
  17. Wheel You Start Paddling?
  18. Turn It Up!
  19. Paddle Til You Drop
  20. Turn & Turn
  21. Wheelin’ It!

Whether you choose one of the funny paddle boat names from our list or come up with something totally unique on your own, there’s no stopping you from bringing out the fun on the water.

Happy Boat Naming!


Happy Sailing!